Sonos has launched an all-new lineup of wireless speakers and the stakes have never been higher.

The Era 100, part of a new “Sonos Era” range alongside the Sonos Era 300, is designed to replace the hugely-popular Sonos One, which has been pleasing fans since it launched all the way back in 2017. In recent years, Sonos One has enjoyed some healthy price cuts, making it one of the best Sonos speaker deals you can find.

So, the Sonos Era 100 has its work cut out. Fortunately, the audio experts have not disappointed. The Era 100 can muster some truly sublime sound that is loud, rich with detail, and booming with bass. Small- to medium-size rooms can be filled with well-balanced sound from this single, diddy speaker.

Most of the improvements in the Sonos Era 100 over the Sonos One can be attributed to the advanced processor tucked inside its eco-friendly design, alongside the 25% larger woofer and new dual-angled tweeters.

The Era 100 also relies on Sonos’ clever Truplay technology, which is also found in the likes of the Sonos Beam, Sonos Move, and Sonos Arc, which adapts the audio depending on the room, it’s able to make sure the tone is perfectly matched to your space.

Setting up the Sonos Era 100 is a breeze, with the Sonos smartphone app doing all the heavy lifting. The app, which is available on iPhone, Android and iPad, has support for a huge number of streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, TiDAL, Amazon Music Unlimited, YouTube Music, the list goes on…) podcast players, audiobook services, and radio stations.

The Era 100 has the sleek, minimalist appearance we’ve come to expect from the design team at Sonos. There are also some neat new design flourishes, including an indented touch-sensitive volume bar that makes it much easier to whack the volume up to 11.

Other extras include Bluetooth connectivity plus there’s now a USB-C port on the back which makes it simple to plug in external devices such as turntables.

If you have plenty of cash in the bank, two Era 100s can be paired in the same room for wider stereo sound and a more immersive sound experience.

Talking of money, this is one massive sticking point as this new speaker is now £249 – that’s £50 more than the Sonos One.

There’s also no access to the Google Assistant (only Amazon’s Alexa) which is a real shame, plus you’ll need to buy additional dongles (around £20) to use that useful USB-C port on the rear case to connect any wired audio equipment.

With a new name, bigger sound, and refreshed design …the Era 100 represents the beginning of a new Era (pun intended) for the US audio brand. The Sonos Era 100 has some big shoes to fill, but it doesn’t disappoint.

Just beware that the Sonos One remains available to buy, has Google Assistant built-in, and is a whole lot cheaper.

Post source: Express

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