Three-step-hack takes minutes to restore white trainers


A woman has shown the internet how she restores her white trainers with a homemade paste that costs just £1.70 to make at home.

White trainers have remained unwaveringly trendy over the years, but they lose their shine after just a few wears, to the frustration of many.

TikTok is brimming with handy hacks, and fortunately many of them are cheap and easy solutions to preserve a pair of shoes’ dazzle over time.

One user recently went viral after devising a six-step method that takes just a few minutes to get trainers looking as good as new.

The demonstration comes from the content creator behind the account @idealtimes, who boasts a staggering 15 million followers on the app.

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She’s also racked up more than 534,000 million views on her account thanks to its savvy content.

In one of her latest clips, the content creator applied toothpaste onto a tablespoon, adding it into a bowl alongside a tablespoon of baking soda and one of washing up liquid.

She then stirred the three ingredients until they formed a paste, before carrying out the demonstration on a pair of white Nike Airforce trainers in a sink. The paste is easy to apply with a spare toothbrush, but any utensil with coarse bristles will do.

Scooping the paste from the bowl, the content creator spreads over the areas of the trainers that have lost their shine.

After a few moments, she wipes off the residual product with a kitchen roll, revealing whiter-than-white footwear. She noted: “It does the trick.” 

The video was successful in inciting others to clean their trainers. One viewer wrote: “I’ll try it.”

Another chimed in: “It’s so good I tried it and I like it.”

While a pack of baking soda only sets buyers back a mere 65p at Asda and Tesco, budget-friendly toothpaste can be brought from Asda for as little as 50p.

Post source: Express

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