We’ve only just started 2021, and many people are already looking forward to their next days off work. But workers may have to wait a few months until their next bank holiday day after New Year’s Day.

Bank holidays are national public holidays in the United Kingdom.

The name originally comes from banks closing for business on certain days of the year.

Most years, the UK has eight bank holiday days, including Christmas Day, Easter Monday and New Year’s Day.

2021 won’t be any different, with the first bank holiday taking place on January 1.

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It’ll be three months until the next bank holiday, after New Year’s Day.

This year, Christmas Day and Boxing Day will fall on a Saturday and Sunday, respectively.

That means the bank holidays will be carried over into the following week, as the public already have weekend’s off work.

But there are a few slight tweak’s to Scotland and Northern Ireland’s bank holidays, as there are each year.

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