Wife discovers her husband has a mistress after mishap


Rose and her husband Matt spent a lot of time apart as he was often forced to travel for work, but she says he always tried to make it up to her.

Although she loved having time to herself, she started to miss being with him when he was off on business trips, but a surprise delivery at her door perked her up.

While Matt was in Singapore for work, Rose found a bouquet of lilies at home with a note saying: “Love Matt x.” However, when she thanked him for the flowers during a video call, he seemed confused and asked where they came from.

According to Body+Soul, Rose told Matt: “I love them, although you do normally buy roses for Rose.” Despite Matt’s confusion, Rose brushed it off as a joke.

But things took a turn when she received a pocket dial call from Matt, during which she heard a woman’s voice in the background.

Post source: Express

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