All the Jedi That Survived Order 66


Ahsoka Tano

Even though Ahsoka Tano left the Jedi Order before the events of Order 66, she had recently connected with her former master Anakin Skywalker along with Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda in an effort to get their aid in liberating Mandalore from Darth Maul’s rule. With the help of Bo-Katan Kryze, Captain Rex, and a special division of the 501st Legion of Clone Troopers, Ahsoka stops Maul and momentarily frees Mandalore. Their victory is short lived, as Ahsoka soon feels Anakin’s turn to the Dark Side and witnesses the clones she just fought alongside, including her friend Rex, turn their weapons toward her. Rex resists the conditioning of the inhibitor chip long enough for Ahsoka to help him remove it, and the two manage to escape the Star Destroyer they were traveling on.

Baylan Skoll

Baylan Skoll was a General in the Grand Army of the Republic before Order 66 was called. Not much is known about his life before Order 66, though he did know Anakin Skywalker to an extent. Baylan survived until the New Republic era, using his Jedi training to become a mercenary for hire.

Cal Kestis

Cal Kestis was a Padawan studying under Master Jaro Tapal when Order 66 was executed. His master sacrificed himself so that Cal could escape, and Cal spent many years in exile on the planet Bracca before he exposed his powers to save a coworker in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. After fleeing Bracca, Cal joined forces with former Jedi Master Cere Junda, who had lost her padawan Trilla Suduri to the Inquisitors, to find a Jedi Holocron that could lead them to other surviving Jedi across the galaxy.

Kanan Jarrus/Caleb Dume

Caleb Dume was a young Jedi Padawan when the order was called. He fled the planet Kaller after his master Depa Billaba was killed by the Clone Troopers they had been working with moments before. Clone Force 99, however, didn’t take to the order like their brethren, with Hunter choosing to lie about killing the young Jedi in The Bad Batch. Not long after going into hiding, Dume started to go by the name Kanan Jarrus. As an adult, Kanan joined the rebellion and helped to train the young Jedi Ezra Bridger in Star Wars: Rebels before his death. 

Kelleren Beq

Kelleren Beq was a Jedi Master and oversaw the training of younglings at the Jedi Temple. During the massacre that came after Order 66, Beq helped the young Jedi Grogu escape coruscant. What happened to the Jedi master next is unclear, but as Grogu recalls more of his past in The Mandalorian, maybe we’ll learn more of what happened to one of his former teachers.

Reva Sevander/Third Sister

Reva Sevander was a youngling living in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant during Order 66. She watched Jedi be mercilessly slaughtered by Darth Vader and the Clones, and only survived by playing dead amongst the corpses of her friends. In Obi-Wan Kenobi, Reva has seemingly become just as ruthless, having been conscripted into Darth Vader’s Jedi-hunting Inquisitors, but Reva has secretly been using her position to get close to Vader and enact revenge on him for taking away the closest thing she ever had to family.


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