It’s ultimately this gun’s accuracy that helps put it over the top. It’s as fast as a good SMG should be, but it’s the way this gun allows you to fairly easily stay on your target while also staying on the move that makes it so special. If you find yourself constantly needing to react to sudden engagements, this is the gun that may give you that slight advantage you’re looking for. 

Vargo 52

If you find yourself missing the XM4 of old and are looking for something to help fill the void, the Vargo 52 may prove to be the somewhat unlikely replacement you’ve been searching for. 

This gun lacks some of the more obvious advantages other ARs offer, but it also doesn’t suffer from any notable downsides. It’s accurate, boasts a manageable recoil, and is capable of doing more than respectable amounts of damage at mid-to-long ranges. The right player working with the right loadout can turn this thing into a nightmare. 


It’s a little too early to tell how things are going to play out quite yet, but it really is looking like large sections of Warzone’s new map are going to be a sniper’s paradise. If that proves to stay true in the long run, then the HDR could end up winning quite a few matches. 

Simply put, the HDR remains the best pure stopping power sniper rifle in Warzone. Granted, that also means that it’s a comically slow weapon, but fire and reload speed tend to matter a little less when you’re talking about a gun that can take most opponents down in just a shot or two. Even if this gun ends up being a little meta-dependent, it’s still a pretty great option


Truth be told, I’m not sure any LMG is going to find its way on top of the Warzone meta anytime soon. However, the Whitley offers one of the most appealing overall options in that particular class.


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