At a minimum, every Nightmare Sigil will limit the number of times you can respawn in a Nightmare Dungeon to 12. From there, each Sigil applies a random player benefit and various enemy modifiers. The benefit will be displayed in green text and applies to you. Though it always grants you some kind of buff, that buff may not always be beneficial to your build. For instance, a Sigil may grant you additional Poison damage even if you don’t have a Poison ability equipped. Navigating Nightmare Dungeons can often require you to change your playstyle and make the most of what you are given.

Enemy modifiers can be even more chaotic. There’s no limit to what combination of effects you can roll. Some may cause the ground to randomly explode while others will increase the enemy’s critical strike damage. Mind you, those modifiers affect already stronger enemies, and Nightmare Dungeons typically feature more enemies than normal. in other words, everything is working against you at mas efficiency in Nightmare Dungeons.

Diablo 4: What Are Nightmare Sigil Tiers?

Nightmare Sigil Tiers basically tell you how difficult a Nightmare Dungeon is going to be. They also affect the number of negative modifiers you have to contend with as well as the number of revives you’re allowed inside of the Nightmare Dungeon.

The difference between Nightmare Tiers can be relatively minor or shockingly significant. So, there might not be that much of a difference between a Tier 9 Sigil and a Tier 10 Sigil. However, a Tier 50 Sigil will be significantly more difficult than a Tier 10 Sigil.

From Tier 11 to Tier 20, Nightmare Sigils have 4 negative modifiers associated with them rather than 3. From Tier 21-100, Nightmare Sigils have 5 negative modifiers associated with them and only allow you 4 revives instead of 12.

Tier 100 Sigils are something to see. Every enemy inside of them is Level 154. Mind you, the highest level you can reach is 100. The power difference is staggering. Only those who have optimized their builds, gear, Paragon boards, and strategies will stand a chance of surviving one of these dungeons.


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