GTA Online Moon Festival Update

If you are like many GTA fans, you may have noticed that the Vinewood sign in that photo is framed in such a way as to isolate the letters “V” and “I.” Of course, V and I form the Roman numeral VI, and GTA games have long used Roman numerals in their titles. Put these simple pieces together, and you’ll understand why this photo got some thinking of GTA VI.

However, some fans weren’t content with accepting this as a coincidence or playful nod. Instead, they began to put together other pieces of a puzzle that likely never existed to begin with. Most notably, some looked at the design of the moon in that photo and noticed that it resembled a moon phase that was scheduled to occur in early October. Others began tracking the history of prior Rockstar reveals for additional information. Put it all together, and you end up with…this:

Right, so that blatant “VI” visual, the position of the moon, and the history of prior Rockstar reveals clearly means that GTA 6 will be revealed today, October 3, 2023. Of course, that hasn’t happened as of the time of this writing, and, at the risk of sounding cynical, it isn’t going to happen. Indeed, some are already confirming that the initial speculation was incorrect and that GTA 6 will actually be revealed later this month due to an initial misreading of the tea leaves. At the risk of sounding cynical yet again, that also probably isn’t going to happen.

For quite some time, I thought the entire GTA 6 leak scene was a little sad. However, this latest rumor has made me see it as more of a tragedy.

If it weren’t for statements regarding those leaks and some incredibly vague references to the idea that there will indeed be a sixth major GTA game, Rockstar would have pretty much been radio silent about that project for over a decade now. Previously, the longest we had to wait for a new GTA game was the five-year gap between GTA 4 and GTA 5. Mind you, Rockstar still filled that time with DLC expansions and official updates. In the 10+ years since GTA 5‘s release, we’ve gotten a ton of GTA Online updates, some GTA 5 ports, and barely an official nod towards what will likely be the biggest video game release ever. Granted, we did get the exceptional Red Dead Redemption 2 during that decade window, but even that all-time great game barely quenched the fire sparked by the seemingly simple question “Where is GTA 6?”

During that time, we’ve seen a small army of “leakers,” fans, and even major websites capitalize on the growing hunger for any GTA 6 update by legitimizing even the most blatantly false rumors and contributing to an ongoing campaign of disinformation. Then again, that’s how these often unhealthy online movements start. What were once clearly ludicrous attempts to generate interest based on lies (or perhaps just jokes) have become seemingly legitimate reveals in the minds of many who are increasingly desperate for something to latch on to.


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