Moonbeam Druid Deck Code: AAECAZICBomLBK6fBJegBPGkBKWtBL/OBAzF+QOvgASljQSJnwTanwTPrAT/vQTwvwSuwATV0gSB1ATaoQUA

Rogue Hearthstone

Naval Mine Deathrattle Rogue

Deathrattle Rogue was already creeping up the Hearthstone power rankings, and the Throne of the Tides expansion just happened to give that deck the one card it needed most.

The new Shattershambler card makes it significantly easier to trigger Naval Mine’s devastating Deathrattle effect without having to leave it sitting helplessly on the board. This deck still performs fine without that card, but the turns when you’re able to play Shattershambler into Naval Mine are simply devastating.

Naval Mine Deathrattle Rogue Deck Code: AAECAaIHBJGfBPafBPKkBISyBA316APT8wON9AOh9AP3nwTVoAT8pQT9rASIsAS3swTVtgSJ0gTj0wQA

Hunter Hearthstone

Throne of the Tides Quest Hunter

Much like Demon Hunters, Quest Hunter decks just aren’t what they use to be thanks to some devastating nerfs. However, this new mini-set gives Quest Hunter decks just enough extra juice to make them interesting.

Thanks to the new Shellshot cards, Quest Hunters are better able to efficiently control boards without having to use valuable face damage cards on minions. It might not sound like much, but you’d be surprised by what a difference that slight increase in versatility makes for the overall power level of this deck.


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