Even better is the clip above, when Mr Fox arrives just as Grandpa Pig is putting his chickens away for the night, with his nefarious intentions as clear to Grandpa Pig as they are to the grownups watching.

Mr Wolf Huffs and Puffs

Mr Wolf isn’t much better. When he first arrives, Daddy Pig has just built him a house, which he inspects by huffing and puffing to ‘see how strong it is.’ He then turns to Daddy Pig and asks what his house is made of, to which Daddy Pig firmly answers: ‘Bricks, so don’t even think about it.’ 

There’s also a very funny exchange on an episode about a picnic, when Daddy Pig and Mr Wolf get left behind, and Mr Wolf keeps sinisterly hinting at how hungry he is.

Mummy Pig Being an All-Round Bad-Ass

Don’t mess with Mummy Pig – she doesn’t suffer fools. The funfair episode sees her become increasingly twitchy-eyed with rage, winning all the giant teddies out of pure spite when the funfair employees make casual #everydaysexism comments like ‘You won’t win! Women are useless at this.’ And when Daddy Pig makes a right pig’s ear out of some simple DIY, Mummy Pig shows him how it’s done.

In Italy, People Speak Italian

Any parent that’s taken a child on holiday will relate to the series of episodes in Italy, where Peppa leaves her favourite toy on the plane, Daddy Pig thinks that speaking in very loud, slow, patronising English will make the Italians understand him, and the family obliviously struggles with the Italian rules of the road.

When Grampy Rabbit Can’t Stop Thinking About Cheese

Some of the jokes are so subtle even grownups can miss them the first time around. One of the greatest examples of this is when some of the men find themselves stranded on a desert island without any food. First, when Grampy Rabbit discovers he has a chocolate bar, Daddy Pig hasn’t even finished explaining they should save it for later before we see Grampy Rabbit now has chocolate all over his face. Then, he decides to put a mark in the sand ‘every time I think about cheese’. The next time we return to the desert island, although it isn’t mentioned, there are about 50 marks in the sand. 


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