‘1000-LB Sisters’ Fans Praise Tammy Slaton’s Trimmed Figure


Tammy Slaton has revealed her noticeably slimmer figure in a recent social media video.

The reality star has consistently posted content about her weight loss progress since she embarked on the journey a few years ago. As expected, her latest update caught the attention of her fans, with many expressing their pride that Tammy has maintained her progress since leaving rehab earlier this year.

Fans Double Down On Their Support For Tammy Slaton Amid Her Continued Weight Loss Journey

Despite dealing with the tragic loss of her husband, Caleb Willingham, at age 40, Tammy has stayed on the right track of her weight loss journey. She has not only focused on shedding those pounds, but she has also actively shown off her progress with her fans.

The “1000-LB. Sisters” star uploaded a video featuring her in a black long-sleeved top, black-and-white leggings, and matching crocs for her most recent showcase. While the video opened with an up-close look at her face, she soon moved the phone further away and placed it on a surface before her.

With her device capturing most of her upper half, Tammy showed off her smooth dancing skills for a few seconds. She then picked up the phone and pointed it at specific body parts, including her legs and sides.

@tammyslaton2020♬ original sound – Tammy slaton

The footage showed a closer view of the 37-year-old’s face as she lip-synced to the song playing in the background. The TikTok, which had no caption, has garnered 32k likes and hundreds of comments.

A look at the comments unveiled just how excited the YouTuber’s fans were for her. While one person exclaimed, “Super proud of you, Tammy! You look amazing!” another gushed, “Well, look at you Tammy! You look incredible I’m so damn proud of your courage and strength ❣️❣️.”

“Looking good Queen Tammy!” a third viewer chimed, as a fourth claimed, “WOW did it girl u look awesome ??,” and a fifth emphasized, “LOOK AT YOU LOOKING ALL FABULOUS & BEAUTIFUL ???.”

This will not be the first time fans will argue over Tammy’s weight loss this year. In fact, in August, The Blast observed that a clip of her wearing a blue denim jacket over a black round-neck T-shirt, paired with purple plaid bottoms and nude shoes, had caught attention.

The Internet personality, who accessorized with a yellow-and-black piece around her neck and multiple wristbands, filmed the clip in a bathroom with a bathtub, a wall mirror, and towels in the background.

In the video, she showcased her progress with multiple close-up shots of her body while making a peace sign gesture. The post’s caption read, “From wearing 8xl in clothes to a 2xl,” and has gotten a significant response from her fans, with over 67,000 likes and numerous comments.

The ‘1000-LB. Sisters’ Star Is Allegedly Ready To Date Women Following Husband’s Death

'1000-Lb Sisters' Fans Praise Tammy Slaton's Progress In New Photos
Instagram | Tammy Slaton

Earlier in August, a source close to Tammy asserted that she was preparing to open a new chapter in her romantic life. Considering the loss she has endured, an insider revealed that she is contemplating dating women and is actively seeking a girlfriend instead of pursuing a new romantic relationship with a man.

The source also shared that the TLC star identifies as pansexual and has been engaged in conversations with potential partners. However, they noted that no dates had progressed into a serious relationship.

The insider, who described Tammy as being in her “bad b— era,” stated, “Tammy has lost all of this weight, and she’s ready to get back out there.” As for her relationship with her late 40-year-old husband, the source declared: 

“Caleb passing away was hard for her, but they were already having problems, and she felt he didn’t have time for her. Tammy felt that he didn’t put effort into trying to move to Kentucky and get out of rehab to be with her.”

Despite that pain, another source expressed that Tammy is even more determined to keep her weight at bay, driven by the belief that it “could have been her” who passed away.

As it turned out, Caleb’s health had begun deteriorating, as he had reportedly gained 30 pounds [2.1 stones] while undergoing treatment at a food rehabilitation center before his unexpected death.

Post source: The blast

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