5 Viral Food Hacks That Took The Internet By Storm. Have You Tried These Yet?

Kitchen work can be made easier with some tricks up your sleeve.

Cooking is joyful, but it can sometimes feel like a maze of tasks and timings. Busy life and a bustling kitchen demand quick fixes that ease our work. Aren’t you always on the lookout for ways to save up on cooking time and all the prep work that precedes it? Everyone does. That’s why we are attracted to all those viral food hacks on the internet that promise to make everything in the kitchen convenient. Imagine effortlessly peeling garlic in seconds and getting pomegranate seeds with a pinch of magic. Some of these trending tricks can be a real game-changer in the kitchen and you should try them to see if they work for you as well.

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5 Viral Food Hacks That Can Make Kitchen Work Quicker And Easier: 

1. Chop Onion In Seconds 

Chopping onion is the most essential yet one of the most cumbersome tasks in the kitchen, so much so that it makes us cry … literally. But this hack that went viral on social media cuts down the chopping time to just 30 seconds. Is it even possible? Click here to see for yourself. 

2. Peel Garlic Like A Pro 

Those tiny garlic cloves pose a big challenge of peeling them. We found a hack that peels the whole garlic bulb effortlessly in a matter of seconds. You get neat peeled-off garlic cloves from the entire bulb in just 2 steps. Curious? Click here to see.  

3. Cut Cake Without Any Mess 

Cutting a birthday cake is so much fun, but the fun is all gone when it comes to cutting it further into pieces to share. Sometimes, the cake just turns into a big blob of mess! But not anymore. Take out your wine glasses and share the cake with your guests with this genius hack. 

4. Remove Pomegranate Seeds With Ease 

Even thinking about cutting up a pomegranate gives us the chills. The time and effort that goes into pulling out the seeds is just too much! What if we told you that this hard task can be transformed into a breezy one with a clever trick? Don’t keep wondering, just click here to see. 


Removing pomegranate seeds can be a difficult task.
Photo Credit: iStock

5. Reheating Pizza Glitch Sorted! 

The same gooey, cheesy pizza turns almost a hard board when we heat it again later. It’s such a bummer! But we are going to try this viral hack that reheats pizza and brings it back to life with its melting cheese and softness intact. Click here to check it out. 

These ingenious food hacks took the internet by storm, promising to transform our time in the kitchen into a breeze of creativity and convenience. Now we know that not all the tricks on the internet work. But the hacks that we have listed above are definitely worth a try. Let us know in the comments which ones did actually work for you. 

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