You don’t have to wait much longer as A Wonderful New World Chapter 191 has already been released. We were able to find some of the raw scans and spoilers that are posted on the discord app ‘discord/k2EQ9f4DVD.’ The tutor hacked into the phone of Na So-ri while she was in the restroom, and now everyone’s just as terrified as I am. Her devoted following is concerned for her safety, but I believe the tutor is only curious about her identity.

Since then, Seung and Jung’s friendship has flourished. However, Yoon Gonji, the woman responsible for writing and creating this manhwa, did a fantastic job. Toptoon, also known as Brave New World, now hosts the most up-to-date edition of A Wonderful New Chapter. The latest cover of the chapter is of Soo-Young Yoo in a wedding dress. Are these some hints which author is providing?

Raw Scans, Spoilers, and Summary of A Wonderful New World Chapter 191

We apologize that there were so few spoilers for Chapter 191 of A Wonderful New World, but rest assured that we did our best to give you all of the information that we had. “Heosung and MiJung who went on the moon” is the chapter’s title. Everyone can agree that the previous several chapters show how they’ve spent their time. Seung can’t get enough of the stunning team captain.

Even one of the panels showed the cat blushing after seeing their romance. This is a fascinating approach to introducing the chapter. Seung has been dominating the lovely team leader for a while now, and most of the chapters have consisted of nothing but love scenes between the two of them.

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No New stuff?

In the previous chapter, we came perilously close to seeing Seung hit a home run. This time, he was planning to pull a different stunt with the team leader. And here was the chapter where everyone assumed Seung would finally succeed. You can’t put it on that one for, the team leader remarked, so it appears the author was just baiting us. Seung then says that he will then savor the team leader without that one then.

This time around, the artist painted a lot of beautiful scenes between Seung and Jung. Those who are worried about Na So-ri may soon have someone to confide in: the green-haired girl with the tutor. Na So-ri’s cheeks were red in at least one of the raw scans. To find out what happens next, you’ll have to read the upcoming chapters.

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Will Na So-ri get blackmailed?

Na So-ri may receive assistance from or be subject to blackmail from the tutor in addition to this period. While cracking the phone, he discovered that a previous hacker had left a backdoor open. Her ex-boyfriend is the prime suspect in all of this. What happens next will be fascinating to see. For reading the English version of the manhwa you have to wait at least 2 days for it to get released. Meantime those who want to read can head and read on Toptoon. Always read on the official site to support the author and artist for their hard work.

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