WWE Backlash was a huge success. Cody Rhodes survived Backlash with a victory against Brock Lesnar by the skin of his teeth. Bad Bunny towered over his opponent Damian Priest, who was accompanied by lucha libre and Puerto Rican luminaries. On Saturday, the fervent San Juan audience was ecstatic from beginning to end, elevating every match presented at WWE’s first major Puerto Rican show in 18 years.

After Lesnar derailed Rhodes’ preparations for an unchallenged global championship rematch against Roman Reigns, Rhodes exacted the revenge he so dearly desired. It was a bloodbath and one of the most exciting modern-day Lesnar matches. Rhodes’ victory against the beast required a mix of ruthlessness, agility, and strategic supremacy.

Bad Bunny discarded his celebrity status once more and put his body on the line like a genuine WWE superstar. A very entertaining San Juan Street Fight between Bad Bunny and Damian Priest featured fan service, weaponry, and a particularly stunning high spot.

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Malakai Black tweets on Zelina Vega’s match against Rhea Ripley

AEW star Malakai Black had significant interest in WWE Backlash, despite obviously working for the rival company. Despite falling short Zelina Vega in her pursuit of the WWE SmackDown Women’s championship, she would receive a truly heartwarming reaction from her home country crowd, something that Black, Vega’s husband reacted to on Twitter with a very proud message saying, “Your moment in the sun, win or loss, your moment.”

Dustin Rhodes also shared his thoughts on how Cody Rhodes conquered the Beat Incarnate. Following Cody surviving Brock Lesnar at WWE Backlash, he tweeted his support of Cody’s achievement while also imploring him to finish the fudging story.

He tweeted, “If your big star bound it’s a long hard ride. Huge victory!!! NOW @CodyRhodes #FinishThe****ingStory!!!”

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