The Counter-Strike community is buzzing about a “hackerone” update Valve released today, with many people theorizing that adjustments to Global Offensive’s long-standing policy on reporting exploits could mean Counter-Strike 2 is almost here. According to eagle eye developers and CS players, the policy change renders CS: exploit GO’s and vulnerability reporting system effectively useless.

Fans have gone into a frenzy over a specific “June 14” date that was mentioned in the policy changes, and we have to admit that even we are a little excited. If you need more information about After Valve loaded up the “hackerone” update, CS:GO fans believed CS2 was almost here, then read carefully, and don’t forget to share with your friends.

After Valve loaded up the “hackerone” update, CS:GO fans believed CS2 was almost here:

A hidden date in the May 31 update led eager Counter-Strike players to deduce that it might be the long-awaited release date for CS2, and they are now so excited that they have circled the date on their calendars. According to one player’s June 1 Reddit post, they only participate in matchmaking to maintain their Global Elite ranking, but they encounter cheaters in nine out of ten matches.

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If they are right in their assumption, bugs and other problems that plagued the game may now go unnoticed. They suggested that the Valve developers would likely be concentrating on the upcoming release of CS2. Others found that this period perfectly coincides with their vacation times, giving them countless hours to explore the many changes that CS2 will bring.

Despite this, not everyone is ecstatic. Some fans claimed they aren’t prepared to buy into the hype surrounding CS2. Before the beta, CS:GO fans read through the daily series of CS2 release posts, and it appears that gamers believe we may be getting another batch before anything substantive hits servers. Fair enough, Valve hasn’t communicated with us much since the beta ended.

The only information the CS2 developers have really shared is the vague “Summer 2023” timeframe. But as that hazy date approaches, both players and esports teams have been getting ready for it. Before the release of CS2, teams like The Mongolz changed players to bolster their rosters. There are also numerous other rumored changes. Legends like Hiko are considering making a comeback elsewhere once CS2 is released.

Sportslumo has contacted Valve contacts for more information on the June 14 date and to find out if it has anything to do with the eagerly anticipated 2023 release of CS2.


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