Caution, WHOA, Caution!

It’s been nearly a week since the “Vanderpump Rules” season 10 reunion taping took place.

This reunion will be like no other reunion before, because of “Scandoval.”

The Season 10 “Vanderpump Rules” Reunion Is Like NO OTHER!

'Vanderpump Rules' Star Tom Schwartz & Katie Maloney Splitting Real Estate Profits In Divorce

In the event you haven’t kept up with the world of ‘VPR,’ Tom Sandoval was dating Ariana Madix for nearly a decade. Earlier this month, his dirty months-long affair with their ‘VPR’ cast member, Raquel Leviss, came to light.

Madix and the TomTom co-owner split immediately after “Scandoval” came out, and a majority of the ‘VPR’ cast have turned against both Leviss and Sandoval.

Following the reunion taping, it was reported that not only were words flying, but fists were also flying.

Longtime ‘VPR’ cast member, Lala Kent, confirmed things got physical during the season 10 reunion taping.

Andy Cohen Couldn’t Keep The Cast From Getting Physical

Andy Cohen gets his Hollywood Star in the Walk of Fame with celebrity guests

In fact, Andy Cohen tried as he might to stop things from escalating to a harmful physical level but was unsuccessful in doing so.

Lala stayed mum on who was throwing fists after a fan asked, “Was it the two Toms who got into an argument at the reunion? I’m thinking Schwartz was the one that was involved.”

Lala humorously responded, “Ruthie you’re like really making this hard for me to be quiet. I’m not going to say who it was. I will say Andy got involved, he could hardly control it so security got involved.”

@amazonlive @givethemlala was back on Amazon Live for the first time since the reunion and she has thoughts #lalakent #vpr #vanderpumprules #vprreunion ♬ original sound – Amazon Live

She continued, “I won’t say who was trying to brawl or whatever, but it was very heated the entire day.”

Prior to the taping, the “Give Them Lala” podcast host noted that SHE would NOT be getting physical with anyone during the taping.

Lala Kent Was Adamant About NOT Getting Physical With Anyone!

Lala Kent at Andys Legends Ball BravoCon 2022

“I’m not a physical person, I’m not trying to catch a case. Also, there’s something about putting my hands on someone that feels ‘ick.’… I don’t know how the rest of my cast will be, I think there’s going to be a ton of security, for sure,” she said during the podcast.

During the Amazon Live, she revealed that producers called all the cast members prior to the taping and asked, “Would you prefer that we bring Sandoval and Raquel out later so that we can talk about the season, you know because it’s an ensemble cast and we don’t want anyone to feel like their storyline didn’t matter due to all of this happening.”

Lala naively thought she and her co-stars would be civil during the taping, but that clearly wasn’t the case. Lala herself admitted she “completely blacked out” during filming and “can’t even tell you what happened.”

She added it was the “most intense day” and she left feeling “disgusted” and “sick.”

The weight of the reunion got to Lala so bad that she had to sage herself and her house.

The former fiancée of Randall Emmett has been very outspoken about her dislike for Leviss throughout the years.

'VPR' Raquel Leviss Fires Off Legal Docs To Co-Stars, A Forewarning To Haters

She’s called her “stupid” on-camera and even this season, Lala said she wouldn’t trust Leviss around her boyfriend.

Lala admitted she’s always “sniffed” something “ick” about the 28-year-old.

“Bottom-feeders attract bottom-feeders, and real attract real. That’s how it’s always been,” Lala said on her podcast.

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