Each season of Apex Legends is plagued by bugs that continue to exist and give players numerous headaches. All playlists have maps disabled, legends ignore nerfs, and ranking systems reset players to Rookie, the lowest rank. The most recent bug report now has a significant impact on one character and effectively disables a skill that is essential to their survival in the battle royale.

Nearly anywhere the player chooses, including very near the ground, Echo can be moved. Players have now learned that you can use Echo to create a portable heat shield as a result of this. Similar to the Sheila on Crypto drone mechanic, this is probably an error that will be fixed eventually. Players can take advantage of the exploit while waiting. If you need more information about Apex Legends: Players of Vantage are grounded in the game due to a recent bug then read carefully and don’t forget to share with your friends.

Apex Legends: Players of Vantage are grounded in the game due to a recent bug

Many players began to complain about a bug affecting Vantage’s tactical ability, Echo Relocation, as soon as the Sun Squad collection event was released. The bat would spawn across the map, up to 1000 metres away from Vantage, when pressing or holding the button to deploy Echo as opposed to at the player’s crosshairs.

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Vantage players must have a clear line of sight in order to use their movement ability, so Echo’s placement is essential for their survival. Holding down the interact button while using Echo Relocation allows Vantage to instantly accelerate forward at a faster speed and perform a double jump, much like Octane’s Jump Pad.

After some trial and error, players discovered that if you position the heat shield precisely, it will glitch into Echo and travel on its back, making it mobile. Players of Vantage can accomplish this by placing Echo close to the ground before approaching it. Place Echo on top of the heat shield. Vantage players can now move Echo around to move the heat shield along with it if the heat shield is correctly positioned to be on top of Echo’s back.

However, because Echo spawns about halfway across the map, players can’t use the skill until he comes to Vantage’s side. While moving Echo manually still functions as intended while he is deployed, the bug will reappear whenever players recall the bat and spawn Echo all over the map once more. There have previously been issues with other legends’ deployable abilities. A bug in Crypto’s drone causes it to spawn in the middle of the map rather than directly in front of the player. When the drone is outside of Crypto’s maximum range of 240 metres, it automatically recalls, effectively negating the entire capability.

Not only does this bug harm Crypto’s drone, but it also makes the mini-map useless because all of the icons—including those for teammates, crafting supplies, and the map’s location—are muddled together. Due to the bug, players of Crypto actually lose more knowledge than they gain because they have to manually open the large map in order to determine where the next ring is pulling.

Players can manually recall the bat to hasten Echo’s return to Vantage even though he begins to travel there on his own. Echo still needs to manually go back to Vantage’s side even though Crypto’s drone always takes two seconds to recall, a problem that the bug also doesn’t fix.

Respawn has a history of releasing patches and hotfixes as soon as there are game-breaking bugs or unintended changes to legend abilities. Players will need to get used to keeping Echo on the map because the severity of the bug renders one of Vantage’s key abilities useless. Otherwise, they run the risk of losing their only means of repositioning when engaging in combat.

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