After about 15 years with illegal silicone injections in her butt, Blac Chyna says she’s lucky to be alive. She got baptized in 2022 and is now changing her life by reversing many of her cosmetic procedures.

The mother of two, who now goes by Angela White, has had over eight procedures done on her breast, body, and face. The former stripper has also removed her long acrylic nails and all “demonic” tattoos from her body.

White recently revealed that she deactivated her OnlyFans page for her two kids and herself. In 2021, the TV personality was the highest-paid celebrity on the platform, with almost $1 million in yearly revenue. 

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Blac Chyna Says She Feels Lucky To Be Alive

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During a recent interview with Access Hollywood, Blac Chyna, who now goes by Angela White, spoke about removing the illegal silicon in her butt. The stripper-turned-reality star said that she first got the injections after she turned 19, which was about 15 years ago.

She revealed that the individual who injected the silicon was “a regular person.” White said, per Page Six, “They’re giving whatever it is substance that they’re doing and giving it to you.” She noted that no one at the illegal clinic warned her about the risks, that she could “possibly die.”

During the interview, White also shared some of the “very scary” complications she endured for the last 15 years, including her butt getting “really hard” and “super inflamed.”

She’s Reversing Many Of Her Cosmetic Procedures

Blac Chyna

In May 2022, White had a spiritual awakening, which led to her getting baptized and changing her lifestyle. The mother of two started reversing her multiple cosmetic treatments, including her face and lip fillers and butt silicon injections. She’s had over ten procedures done on various parts of her body.

Dr. David Matlock, White’s plastic surgeon, also spoke to Access and revealed that he spent about eight hours removing all the silicone in her butt. He also noted that the former stripper is lucky she didn’t experience more serious and permanent side effects.

White told the news outlet, per Page Six, “You know how many CCs [cubic centimeters] I took out? 1,250 CCs. A 2-liter Coke bottle all in my booty.” She also spoke about losing 10 pounds after the removal and how it made her feel like a new woman. White said, “I see beauty. I see wisdom. I see myself. I feel good about it, too.”

Blac Chyna Took Off Her Nails And Removed Her Tattoos

Blac Chyna at the 92nd Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

As part of her “life-changing journey,” White has also removed her long, acrylic nails and underwent laser removal of the “demonic” tattoos on her body. The former “Rob & Chyna” star announced her decision to remove the tattoos, including a Baphomet hip piece, on Instagram.

She said, “So y’all know that I got this Baphomet tattoo. It gots to come off. I’m not going to have no mark of the beast or anything like that. When I first got the tattoo, that is not what it meant to me; I just don’t want anything negative or demonic on my body anymore.”

Although White didn’t explain why she’d initially gotten the tattoo done, she did share her excitement at removing it permanently. The reality star also had two tattoos dedicated to her ex-boyfriends, Almighty Jay and Tyga, removed from her body.

Blac Chyna Deleted Her OnlyFans Account

Blac Chyna at MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals

White shocked her fans when she confirmed in several interviews that she deactivated her OnlyFans profile. She said she decided for her kids’ sake.

During a recent “The Jason Lee Show” appearance, White said, “I’m just changing everything about me. It’s a dead end. All that stuff is a dead end, and I know that I’m worth way more than that.” She also spoke about her relationship with her kids’ fathers, rapper Tyga and Rob Kardashian, and said she’s now committed to “positive vibes” only.

White first joined OnlyFans in 2020, and her fame and risqué content quickly pushed her to become one of the highest-followed accounts. By 2021, she was one of the highest-earning celebrities on OnlyFans.

She has since expressed her happiness since quitting the lucrative, raunchy platform.

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