Season 20: Back to Ranger Ranch premiered on September 11 to a warm welcome from Brawl Stars fans. A number of intriguing additions and changes have been made in this most recent season. The six possible game mode slots have been reduced to four, which is one of the most noticeable changes—at least temporarily. This change has undoubtedly agitated the neighbourhood, even though it might not be long-lasting. All the game types and maps in Brawl Stars Season 20: Back to Ranger Ranch will be covered in detail in this extensive guide.


The Reason Behind Slot Reduction and Game Mode Changes

Before we dive into the specifics, it’s crucial to understand why the developers made these adjustments. The reduction in game mode slots and the phasing out of certain game modes were influenced by two key factors:

  • Control Game Mode Popularity: Control mode had been struggling to garner the same level of popularity as other modes, leading to its removal from the rotation.
  • Matchmaking Challenges: Inconsistent matchmaking times plagued high-trophy players due to the scattering of the player base across various game modes. This change aims to streamline matchmaking.

Now, let’s explore what each of the four available slots in Brawl Stars Season 20 has to offer:

Slot 1: Showdown – Solo and Duo

  • Total Maps: 8 Maps Available
  • Enabled Maps: Dried Up River, Dark Passage
  • Disabled Maps: Double Trouble, Scorched Stone

Slot 2: Brawl Ball

  • Total Maps: 8 Maps Available
  • Enabled Maps: Stepping Stone, Penalty Kick
  • Disabled Maps: Beach Ball, Center Stage

Slot 3: Gem Grab, Knockout

Gem Grab

  • Total Maps: 7 Maps Available
  • Enabled Maps: Last Stop
  • Disabled Maps: Gem Fort, Rustic Arcade, Deathcap Trap, Undermine, Minecart Madness


  • Total Maps: 4 Maps Available
  • Enabled Maps: None
  • Disabled Maps: Flowing Springs, Deep End, Healthy Middle Ground, X Marks The Spot
  • Slot 4: Wipeout, Siege


  • Total Maps: 4 Maps Available
  • Enabled Maps: Layer Bake
  • Disabled Maps: Layer Cake, Dry Season, Snake Prairie, Hideout, Canal Grande


  • Total Maps: 4 Maps Available
  • Enabled Maps: Bot Drop, Some Assembly Required, Nuts & Bolts, Factory Rush
  • Disabled Maps: None

While some game modes have been removed from the regular rotation, they will still be accessible in custom lobbies. These include Bounty, Heist, and Hot Zone, each with its own set of maps.

For Competitive Players: Power League and Club League

For those who thrive on competitive ranked matches, the available game modes in Season 20 are as follows:


  • Maps: Infinite Doom, Shooting Star

Brawl Ball

  • Maps: Backyard Bowl, Field Goal

Gem Grab

  • Maps: Hard Rock Mine, Double Swoosh


  • Maps: Goldarm Gulch, Belle’s Rock

Unavailable in ranked matches 

  • Heist, Hot Zone, and BountyAdvertisements

Map Environment Changes

In addition to game mode alterations, several map environments have been introduced and replaced:

Map Environment Added:

  • Ranger Ranch
  • Robot Factory
  • Robot Factory Showdown
  • Ghost Station
  • Scrapyard

Map Environment Removed:

  • Darryl’s Ship
  • Velocirapids
  • Rumble Jungle

Both casual and experienced players can more effectively plan their gameplay strategy with the help of this thorough review of the game modes and maps offered in Brawl Stars Season 20. Diverse reactions from the community have been received to these modifications, and the developers will carefully consider user comments before determining whether to keep or roll back these changes. For gamers to explore the ever-evolving Brawl Stars universe, Season 20 offers thrilling chances and challenges.

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