BRS Accepts Defeat, Congratulates Congress


Telangana Election Results 2023 LIVE: BRS Accepts Defeat, Congratulates Congress

Telangana Assembly Polls 2023: In the 119-seat Assembly, the majority mark is at 60

New Delhi:

K Chandrashekhar Rao’s Bharat Rashtra Samithi on Sunday conceded defeat in Telangana Assembly elections after the Congress crossed the majority mark early in the day and remained on top. Celebrations have begun in Hyderabad as the Congress leads on over 60 seats. Taking to X, party leader KTR congratulated the Congress on winning the mandate and wished them good luck.

The grand old party surged ahead on 65 seats, leaving behind the ruling BRS with only 40. The BJP and AIMIM are trailing with leads in 8 and 6 seats, respectively. In the 119-seat Telangana Assembly, the parties will need to reach the magic number of 60 to form a government.

Here are the LIVE updates on Telangana Results 2023:

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Telangana Election Results: “Succeeded In Making…”: Union Minister On BJP’s Performance
“Despite the barriers of language and region, and misgiving spread about BJP in Telangana,  we have succeeded in making inroads,” Union minister Jitendra Singh tells NDTV

BREAKING: Telangana Election Results: “Not Sad But Disappointed”: BRS Concedes Defeat

Telangana Election Results: Setback For KCR

The Congress heading for a huge win in Telangana, while K Chandrasekhar Rao – the two-time Chief Minister – is trailing from one of the two seats he is contesting. 

Telangana Election Results: Seat Change In Telangana 2018 vs 2023
Telangana Election Results: “Was Expected”: Siddaramaiah On Telangana Mandate

Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said that the Congress was expecting a victory in the Telangana assembly elections. Siddaramaiah also refuted the poaching reports and said that their MLAs “are not going anywhere”. 

Telangana Election Results: At 2 PM, Congress Margin Falls As BRS Gets Second Wind
In Pics: Telangana Election Results: Congress’s Revanth Reddy Greets Party Workers
Telangana Election Results: “In A Comfortable Position”: Congress’s Mita Chakravorty.

“In Telangana, we have crossed the major mark and guess we are in a comfortable position. BJP’s entire campaign was anti-BRS, and BRS is only 41. There are far away from the majority mark,” Congress’s Mita Chakravorty.

Telangana Election Results 2023: Congress Declares Victory on 3 Seats
The Congress, which is leading on over 60 seats in Telangana, has claimed victory on three seats in the state. Taking to X, the party congratulated Koram Kanakaiah of Illandu, Jare Adinarayana Rao of Ashwaraopet and  Komati Reddy Venkat Reddy of Nalgonda.

Telangana Election Results: BRS’s KCR vs Congress’s Revanth Reddy In Kamareddy
In Pics: Telangana Election Results: Congress Workers Celebrate Party’s Win In Telangana

Telangana Election Results: “Revanth Reddy Led From The Front”: Congress’s Shama Mohamed
“Revanth Reddy has done a fantastic campaign. He led from the front. There is no denying that he did a good job,” Congress spokesperson Shama Mohamed to NDTV

Telangana Election Results: “I Thank Voters Of Telangana”: DK Shivakumar

“People showed gratitude to Sonia Gandhi. They are fed up with last 10 years rule and wanted a change for development. I thank the voters of Telangana for having faith in us,” says Karnataka Deputy CM DK Shivakumar.
Telangana Election Results: Leads at 12.30: Over 4 Hours In, Congress Still On Top In Telangana
The Congress has crushed the BRS’s hat-trick dream in Telangana, leads show as the grand old party surged ahead on 68 seats leaving the ruling party with leads on only 35 seats. The BJP is struggling to get to the double digits while the AIMIM is leading on 3 seats.

Telangana Election Results: Setback For KCR?

The Congress has surged ahead in Telangana. If the trend continues, this will be the first time that Telangana sees another party at the helm other than K Chandrashekar Rao-led BRS. 

Telangana Election Results: KCR Set To Retain Gajwel, Trailing In Kamareddy
In early leads, KCR is set to retain Gajwel. He is currently trailing in his second constituency of Kamareddy 
Telangana Election Results: “It Was Expected”: Telangana Congress Leader On Party’s Early Lead

“It was expected. Right from when Rahul Gandhi did bharat jodo yatra, the cadre has been really excited. We have been seeing for the last 3-4 months, how the ground situation is. The people of Telangana are fed up with the BRs govt. There is no fear about our MLA or candidates being in trouble. We will be in trouble. Definitely, we will be sweeping into power,” Mansur Ali Khan, Congress leader to NDTV.

Telangana Election Results 2023 Leads At 11 am: Congress Maintains Comfortable Lead Over BRS
Telangana Election Results: BRS’s K Chandrasekhar Rao vs BJP’s Eatala Rajendar
Telangana Election Results: Congress Continues To Hold Lead, Show Early Trends
The Congress is still holding on to the top spot in Telangana over two hours after counting of votes began, show early leads. The party is currently leading on 70 seats while the ruling BRS is nearly halfway behind — gaining on 37 seats. The BJP is leading on 8 while the AIMIM is leading on 3. 

Telangana Election 2023: “Defeating Regional Party Like BRS Huge”: Congress’s Supriya Shrinate

“I think Congress defeating a regional party BRS is huge. That’s the big headline. In Chhattisgarh, our showing despite BJP trying every dirty trick is big. In Rajasthan, this is our best performance,” says Supriya Shrinate, Congress spokesperson.

Telangana Election Results: Leads At 10 Am, Congress Takes Top Spot, BRS Inches Closer
Two hours into the counting of votes for the Telangana Assembly elections, early trends show the Congress surging ahead past the 60-seat mark as the ruling BRS inches closer. The BJP and AIMIM are trailing in the state.

Telangana Election Results: “Will See Collapse Of Corrupt Government”: Congress Spokesperson
In Telangana, we are going to see the collapse of the corrupt govt and we will come to power: Congress spokesperson Adil Singh Boparai tells NDTV

Telangana Election Results: Early Leads Show KCR In Big Trouble
Telangana Election Results: “Congress Tsunami In Telangana”, Says Party Amid Early Lead

“Congress tsunami in Telangana: Congress reached the magic figure with a lead of 60 seats,” the Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee said in a post on X.

Telangana Election Results: A Looks At Early Trends For Assembly Elections 2023
Telangana Election Results: Luxury Buses, 5-Star Hotels Booked In Telangana

Luxury buses seen outside Taj Krishna Hotel in Hyderabad. Five-star hotel bookings have already started in Telangana (a step political parties usually take to secure their leaders against poaching)

Telangana Assembly Election 2023: Congress Still Leading On Over 60 Seats, Show Early Leads.
Hour and a half into counting, here’s how Telangana parties are performing 

Telangana Election Results: Hotel Booking Starts

Parties start booking five-star hotels in Telangana to prevent ppaching of MLAs

Telangana Election 2023: Early Leads Predict Congress Victory
Over an hour into counting of votes for Telangana Assembly elections, the Congress has breached the halfway mark, gaining leads on 65 seats, show very early trends.
Telangana Election Results: Heavyweights – Revanth Reddy
Telangana Election Results: Heavyweights – Eatala Rajender
Telangana Election Results: Very Early Leads Show Congress Crossing Halfway Mark

Congress leads on 63 seats while BRS is placed second gaining leads on 25 seats, show very early treands.

Telangana Election Results Early Leads: How Heavyweights Are Doing

Early Leads: How Heavyweights Are Doing

KCR – leads in Gajwel, trails in Kamareddy

Eatala Rajendar – leads

Akbar Udain Owaisi – trails

Raja Singh – leads

Harish rao – leads

KT Rama Rao – leads

Revanth Reddy – leads

Telangana Election Results: Early Leads: Congress Leads On 44, BRS On 21 And BJP On 9
Congress halfway-mark to majority, leading on 44 seats with the BRS following behind on 21 seats and BJP lagging with only 9, show early leads.

Telangana Election Results: Congress Leads On 22 Seats, Show Early Leads
Congress has moved to the top leading on 22 seat, show early leads.

Telangana Election Results: “Confident We Will Win”: BRS Leader K Kavitha

“We are confident that we will win. We will form the govt again,” says BRS leader K Kavitha

Telangana Elections 2023: Congress Zooms Ahead, BJP, BRS Lag Behind, Show Early Leads
Congress gains a lead on 14 seats, BRS second with 8 seats and BJP leads on 6 seats.

Telangana Elections 2023 Voting: Leads In For 20 Seats, All Key Parties Neck And Neck

Telangana Elections 2023 Voting: BJP-Congress Move Ahead, BRS Right Behind
The BJP and Congress are leading on 6 seats each. The incumbent BRS is right behind with 5 seats.

Telangana Elections 2023 Voting: All Three Key Parties Lead On 4 Seats Each
BJP, BRS and Congress lead on 4 seats each.

Telangana Election Results: BJP, BRS And Congress Lead On 3 Seats Each
As more leads are coming in, the three key parties Congress, BJP and BRs are all leading on 3 seats each. Asaduddin Owaisi’s AIMIM has also registered a lead on one seat.

Telangana Election Results: 2 Seats Each For BRS, BJP As Congress Lags Behind With 1
The BRS and BJP are both leading on two seats each while the Congress is leading on 1 seat.

Telangana Election Results: Heavyweights – K Chandrasekhar Rao
Telangana Elections 2023 Voting: First Leads In, BJP Leading On 2 Seats

The first leads are in as the counting of votes began in Telangana. The BJP is leading on two seats

Telangana Election Results: Anti-BRS Sentiment In State, Says BJP Leader

BJP leader Prakash Reddy said that the anti-incumbency wave in Telangana is enough to throw out the KCR-led BRS government. 

#BREAKING: Counting of Votes For Telangana Assembly Elections Begins
Election Results 2023: Counting Of Votes In 4 States Begins Amid Tight Security

Telangana Elections 2023 Voting: Vote Shares For BRS, Congress In 2018

Telangana TRS (now BRS): 46.87% 

Congress: 28.43%

BJP vs Congress As Votes To Be Counted In 4 States Today
Telangana Election 2023: “Will Win 75-95 Seats”: Congress Leader M Ravi

Telangana Assembly Elections 2023 Live: KCR In Trouble In Telangana As Congress Surges Ahead: NDTV Poll Of Polls
Telangana Election 2023 Voting: A Recap Of 2018 Telangana Elections

In the 2018 elections, the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS – now Bharat Rashtra Samithi) emerged victorious by capturing 88 seats.  The Congress secured the second position with 19 seats, while the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) managed to win only two seats. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) secured one seat, the All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) claimed seven seats and independent candidates secured one seat.

Telangana Election Results: Who Are The Top Candidates?
Here are the top contenders in the Telangana Assembly elections:

  1. Chief Minister and Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) chief K Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR
  2. KT Rama Rao (KTR), his son Minister of IT of Telangana 
  3. Telangana Congress chief A Revanth Reddy
  4. BJP Lok Sabha MP Bandi Sanjay Kumar 

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