Bulgaria vs Argentina, Paris Olympics Volleyball Qualifier 2023 Women: Live Stream, Schedule, Squads


The 2023 FIVB Volleyball Women’s Olympic Qualification Tournaments, alternatively the 2023 FIVB Volleyball Women’s World Cup (for the tournament held in Japan) and also known as FIVB Road to Paris Volleyball Qualifier, are the three volleyball tournaments to be contested by 24 women’s national teams of the FIVB. The top teams will earn a place in the 2024 Summer Olympics volleyball tournament.

Saturday will see Bulgaria take on Argentina to book a place for the Paris Olympics. Bulgaria is currently ranked eighteenth in the world rankings. While Argentina is ranked seventeenth in the world rankings. The Bulgarians have a horrendous start to their qualification campaign. As a result, Bulgaria lost to Japan (3-0), Brazil (3-2), Turkey (3-0) and Belgium (3-0). On the other hand, Argentina’s form has also been largely poor. The South Americans were beaten by Brazil (3-0), Japan (3-0) and Brazil (3-0) while they managed to pick up a win against Belgium (3-0).

What is the format of the Paris Olympics Volleyball Qualifier 2023 Women?

The FIVB Olympic Qualification Tournaments (OQTs) include the 24 best-placed non-qualified teams. However, Russia has not been granted permission to participate due to the ongoing Ukraine war. The rankings have been done on the basis of the FIVB World Rankings as of 18 September 2022. As the host nation, France has already secured its place in the women’s competitions. The other 11 quota places are allocated via a two-step qualification process that ensures the best volleyball nations can participate in the event while observing the principle of universality.

The first step of the process includes the allocation of six Olympic quota places. These are contested during the FIVB Road to Paris Volleyball Qualifiers. Out of this, the top 24 teams as per the World Ranking (WR) not yet qualified are split into three single round-robin pools of eight teams each. The top two teams of each pool qualify for Paris 2024. On the other hand, the remaining five places per gender are filled by selecting the top five not yet qualified teams in the WR. This will be decided at the end of the Preliminary Phase of Volleyball Nations League 2024. To guarantee the principle of universality, these teams are selected as per the following order of priority: 1) Teams from continents without qualified teams, and 2) Top teams not yet qualified.

Bulgaria vs Argentina: Squads of both teams


Stanchulova Iveta (OH), Rachkovska Vangeliya (OH), Neykova Polina (S), Yordanova Maria (OH), Paskova-Kaneva Miroslava (OH), Barakova Petya (S), Becheva Elena (OH), Todorova Mira (MB), Krivoshiyska Mariya (MB), Pashkuleva Mila (L), Saykova Borislava (MB), Todorova Zhana (L), Shahpazova Mirela (S), Marinova Radostina (O), Milanova Aleksandra (OH), Kolarova Elena (MB), Stoyanova Mikaela (O), Koeva Viktoria (OH), Karabasheva Galina (L), Guncheva Margarita (S), Ivanova Dariya (OH), Dokova Yoana (L), Dudova Iva (O), Nikolova Merelin (O), Angelova Boryana (MB)


Vera Tatiana (S), Balague Emilia (S), Nizetich Paula Yamila (OH), Nosach Eugenia (O), Salinas Candela Sol (OH), Mercado Erika (O), Cosulich Martínez María Luz (S), Cugno Bianca (O), Bulaich Simian Daniela (OH), Rizzo Tatiana Soledad (L), Farriol Bianca (MB), Mayer Victoria (S), Fortuna Antonela (OH), Beltramino Agostina Sol (OH), Herrera Rodriguez Candelaria Lucia (MB), Graff Brenda (MB), Pelozo Maria Agostina (L), Perez Dalma Nicole (OH), Studer Zoe Sharon (MB), Garcia Avril (MB), Lopez Daiana (OH), Perez Sain Constanza (O), Margaria Milena (OH), Barbero Felicitas (OH), Bednarek Martina (OH)

Paris Olympics Volleyball Qualifier 2023 Women Schedule

Schedule (22.08.23) Timings (IST)
Italy vs USA 00:15
Puerto Rico vs Peru 06:30
Czech Republic vs Ukraine 07:30
Bulgaria vs Argentina 09:30
Canada vs Mexico 10:30
Brazil vs Belgium 12:30
Serbia vs Netherlands 13:30
Colombia vs Slovenia 15:00
Japan vs Turkey 15:55
China vs Dominican Republic 17:00
Thailand vs Korea 18:00
Poland vs USA 21:00

When is the Paris Olympics Volleyball Qualifier 2023 Women?

The Paris Olympics Volleyball Qualifier 2023 Women starts on September 16, 2023 and ends on September 24, 2023.

Where to watch the Paris Olympics Volleyball Qualifier 2023 Women?

The LIVE Streaming of the Paris Olympics Volleyball Qualifier 2023 Women will be available on Volleyball World TV (VBTV). However, one has to buy a premium subscription of $ 3.99/month to watch the important matches. It is also speculated that there will be a streaming on the official YouTube channel of the Volleyball World.

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