Clash of Clans December 2023 Gold Pass: Unlock the Grand Warden’ Gingerbread Warden Skin


In the upcoming Clash of Clans season for December 2023, players can look forward to an exciting addition – the Grand Warden’ Gingerbread Warden Skin, exclusively available through the Gold Pass. This season revolves around the Clashiversary theme, celebrating another year of Supercell’s beloved game. The Grand Warden’ Gingerbread Warden Skin takes the spotlight among other premium rewards in the shop. Additionally, players will have the opportunity to acquire the other rewards. Clash of Clans December 2023 Gold Pass: Unlock the Grand Warden’ Gingerbread Warden Skin

Grand Warden’ Gingerbread Warden Skin

The Grand Warden’s Gingerbread Warden Skin introduces a delightful cookie-themed design. The Warden is charmingly attired in a purple suit resembling a delectable chocolate-filled cookie. Notably, the Warden holds a book that mirrors the appearance of a biscuit, adding a sweet touch to its overall aesthetic. What sets this skin apart is the unconventional yet captivating design of the Warden’s wand. Departing from the typical magical tome, it features a whimsical disco biscuit object, elevating the playful and festive atmosphere of this unique skin in the Clash of Clans game.

The remarkable design of the Grand Warden’ Gingerbread Warden Skin makes it a must-have for any Clash of Clans player. If you’re eager to don this skin in your account, it’s attainable by purchasing the Gold Pass. Moreover, remember to support your favorite content creators by using Creator Codes during your purchase.

Clash of Clans December 2023 Gold Pass Reward Tiers

The Gold Pass for December 2023 offers a plethora of rewards and in-game resources for both Free and Premium users. Let’s explore what’s in store for each category:

Free Rewards:

  • 3,000,000 Gold
  • 3,000,000 Elixir
  • 30,000 Dark Elixir
  • 1,000,000 Builder Gold
  • 1,000,000 Builder Elixir
  • 3,000 Capital Gold
  • Book of Heroes
  • Super, Power, Hero, Builder Star Jar, Clock, 2x Training, Research and Resource Potions

Premium Pass Exclusive Rewards:

  • Pet, Builder, Power, Resource, Training, Research, and Clock Tower Potions
  • Shovel of Obstacles
  • Book of Building, Book of Fighting, and Book of Spells
  • Auto Forge Slot
  • Rune of Gold and Elixir
  • Rune of Builder Elixir
  • Rune of Dark Elixir
  • 10%, 15% and 20% Research Boost
  • 10%, 15% and 20% Builder Boost
  • 10%, 15% and 20% Training Booster 
  • 5x Wall Rings
  • 5,000 Capital Gold
  • Bigger Season Bank
  • Bigger Builder Bank
  • Season Bank and Building Bank Multiplier
  • World Final 23 Statue

In the December 2023 Gold Pass season, Supercell is set to amplify the excitement with a special Clashiversary Challenge showcasing the Gingerbread Warden. Once the challenge is live, players can dive into the in-game events section for a firsthand experience of this unique hero skin.

Prepare for a thrilling Clash of Clans season filled with futuristic marvels and exclusive rewards. Seize the opportunity to acquire the Grand Warden’s Gingerbread Warden Skin and other exciting bonuses by grabbing the December 2023 Gold Pass!

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