Once again, Gov. ­Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio prove their ineptitude as New York’s leaders — all talk and little action. 

A Bloomberg News analysis finds that New York state has administered only 32 percent of the vaccines provided. In New York City, it’s even worse: 25.4 percent. 

On Thursday, de Blasio promised 1 million vac­cines for New Yorkers in the coming months. What’s he been doing for the past couple of weeks? 

Alas, this isn’t just a local problem: Although

12.4 million doses of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have been distributed nationwide, only 3.1 million have been given. But that doesn’t absolve New York officials, particularly when Cuomo has held himself up as the coronavirus king par excellence, even writing a book praising his own leadership. 

Why aren’t there mass vaccination events? Where’s the urgency? 

Cuomo and de Blasio blather on about equality, and now New Yorkers are learning what that means: In order to ensure the vaccine is distributed in a fair and equitable manner, no one should get it.

This post first appeared on Nypost.com

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