Dave Meltzer recognized for his extensive knowledge of wrestling history, questioned Vince McMahon and Jim Crockett Jr.’s ability to achieve success without the wrestling foundation provided by their dad. Meltzer saw parallels between Paul Heyman and Tony Khan. In addition to comparing AEW’s following to ECW’s.

This was in response to a tweet that said Khan couldn’t operate AEW without financial support from his family.

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Dave Meltzer discusses the importance of lineage and structure in wrestling success

Meltzer underlined the necessity of a solid foundation, pointing out that the wrestling profession has always relied primarily on familial relationships and established wrestling territories. Both McMahon, the driving force behind WWE, and Crockett, the previous owner of Jim Crockett Promotions, benefitted from their families’ established influence in the industry.

Meltzer’s remarks raise important issues regarding the wrestling industry’s dynamics and the significance of lineage in achieving success. While McMahon and Crockett clearly played important roles in extending and modernizing their respective promotions to far greater levels of success, Meltzer’s reasoning implies that their fathers’ legacies created the basis for their accomplishments.

Meltzer’s comments add an intriguing aspect to the ongoing debate around the leadership and future survival of wrestling organizations in a profession where story and character development are crucial. As Khan carves his own way in the wrestling industry, the argument ignited by Meltzer’s defense illustrates the ever-changing nature of the profession and the several avenues to success within it.

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