David Spade Shares Dana Carvey Update After ‘Unimaginable’ Loss


Fans used to hearing jovial banter between co-hosts Dana Carvey and David Spade on their Fly on the Wall podcast were greeted with just one somber voice at the top of this week’s episode.

Spade began the episode by making it clear that the two often record their conversations with fellow Saturday Night Live alums and other celebrities well in advance—and that following the sudden death by an accidental overdose of Carvey’s 32-year-old son Dex last week, there would not be any newly recorded episodes on the immediate horizon.

“Dana is obviously going through something semi-unimaginable right now and I can’t even put it into words,” Spade said. “Dana’s one of my best buds and it’s hard to watch this.” He started to talk about “what a great kid” Dex was, but stopped himself, indicating that Carvey would come on the mic to talk about it “at some point” when he’s ready.

For the rest of 2023, Spade said there would be a few pre-recorded episodes—including one with SNL legend Dan Aykroyd taped “right before” Dex passed—and then a couple of planned best-of episodes to end the year. The future of the podcast remains uncertain after that, though Carvey is expected to return eventually.

“And of course, Dana really, really appreciates the outpouring from every possible angle,” Spade added. “Everyone, I think, understands how difficult—it’s hard to even talk about.”

On his Instagram page last week, Carvey said he would be “taking a break from work and social media—trying to figure out what life looks like now that we are a family of 3.”

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