Diddy’s Former Bodyguard Confirms Cassie’s Assault Allegations


Diddy‘s former bodyguard, Roger Bonds, is confirming bombshell allegations in a lawsuit filed by his ex Cassie, and claims there are other victims.

Bonds is telling his side of the story online after his name was mentioned in the shocking legal case. In the filing, Cassie claims Roger broke up a fight that turned physical by jumping in between the two celebrities.

Diddy’s Former Bodyguard Says He’s Sick, Confirms Other Abuse Victims

Diddy's Former Bodyguard Confirms Cassie's Assault Story
Instagram | Roger Bonds

In an Instagram reel, Bonds who worked with the Bad Boys Record founder about a decade ago, essentially corroborated all that the “Me & U” singer claimed in her shocking lawsuit.

The former guard shed light on why he stopped working for Diddy, saying, “There comes a time when you’re in a situation that may seem like a good situation, but if you not waking up happy or you disgruntled, or you really don’t want to be around that person then you find every excuse to get out of there.”

Bonds claimed that he was able to escape being under Diddy’s leash by relying on his diabetes diagnosis, lying to the rapper about his shaky health when in reality he was “sick” of the “Coming Home” artist.

“I was sick of everything that was going on around you. I was sick of having to cover up everything that you did,” Bonds said, seemingly alluding that his former boss did some very ugly things.

Finally hitting the nail on the coffin, Bonds confirmed she told nothing but the truth. “Cassie spoke on it,” he declared. “She said yeah I jumped on it. I jumped in between it. That wasn’t the only time. It was other times and it was other people.”

As you may recall, the famous producer, whose real name is Sean Love Combs, had his reputation nosedive after his ex-girlfriend Cassie filed a bombshell accusing him of rape, physical abuse, emotional abuse, and sex trafficking amongst other vile things earlier this month.

Diddy seen as guest at Jimmy Kimmel Show

Although both parties have since settled privately, her coming out has since exposed the Cîroc ambassador to several more lawsuits from other alleged victims. Just last week, a third victim identified as Jane Doe came out with her story.

The woman, filing her complaint under the Adult Survivors Act, alleged that Diddy drugged and raped her in the early 1990s when she was still a college student.

Cassie Made Scathing Allegations Against Her Ex-Boyfriend

In the lawsuit filed against Diddy which The Blast obtained, Cassie accused her ex of sexual assault, sex trafficking, and repeated physical abuse.

She recalled the vicious actions of the three-time Grammy Award winner, including a particular incident where he broke into her home and raped her the night before they finally broke up.

Diddy allegedly controlled and abused the R&B singer for over ten years, drugging her, beating her, and forcing her to have sex with numerous male s-x workers, all on video, during their 13-year relationship.

“After years in silence and darkness,” she wrote explaining why it took so long for her to speak out, “I am finally ready to tell my story, and to speak up on behalf of myself and for the benefit of other women who face violence and abuse in their relationships.”

The filing recalled a scary incident when was speaking “to another music manager at a party in Los Angeles, he became enraged. She had hoped speaking to this manager would allow her to further grow her career, and that Mr. Combs would be happy for her, but instead he became extremely angry and pulled her out of the club where the party was taking place. In the car leaving the club, Mr. Combs beat Ms. Ventura, pushing her into a corner of the vehicle and stomping on her face.”

Diddy's Former Bodyguard Confirms Cassie's Assault Story
Instagram | Roger Bonds

The lawsuit continued, “When the car arrived at Mr. Combs’ residence, Ms. Ventura attempted to run away, but Mr. Combs followed her and proceeded to again kick her in the face. Ms. Ventura was bleeding profusely and was ushered into Mr. Combs’ home, where she began to throw up from the violent assault.”

For her allegations of sex trafficking, the “Long Way 2 Go’ crooner claimed Diddy brought “sex workers” into the relationship, and they often ingested large amounts of drugs during the encounters.

“Mr. Combs always supplied Ms. Ventura (and the sex worker) with copious amounts of drugs before and during the (the encounters.) Ms. Ventura was given ecstasy, cocaine, GHB, ketamine, marijuana, and alcohol in excessive amounts…which allowed her to disassociate during these horrific encounters,” the filing read.

There were also allegations of Diddy making Cassie carry his gun in her purse and a scuffle between Diddy and Kid Cudi that resulted in the latter’s car being blown.

Diddy denied all allegations through his lawyer, calling Cassie’s lawsuit a blatant blackmail. However, a day after both parties announced they had settled it amicably.

Diddy Accused Of Rape, Physical Abuse, Sex Trafficking By Ex-Girlfriend Cassie

In the aftermath of the accusations, Diddy has suffered great loss including relinquishing his role as chairman of Revolt.

Post source: The blast

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