The final day of The International 2022 is here and the reception for related Battle Pass content has turned out to be quite a cold one after the initial cursing. However, due to that initial reaction, as well as a lack of content driving sales, the TI11 prize pool has lagged behind the pace of previous years it is now impossible to catch up for anyone.

After a huge increase in sales, partly thanks to an influx of players from The International 2022 Swag Bag Giveaway, which broke one million players for the first time in three years, TI11’s prize pool has passed $18 million – And that’s well its way to crack $19 million as well.

Dota 2 TI11 Prize Pool Reaches $18 Million :

This is a marked improvement from the stagnation in development that the prize pool was experiencing before TI11 began, but it is not enough to differentiate the historical standings for both the event and the event as a whole.Unlike in last years 2021, the 2022 Battle Pass is only adding to the TI11 prize pool for half its runtime, when Part I of its content ends on November 2. From there, 25 percent of each buy that used to go to the prize pool will instead go directly to Valve — something that the community has been very vocal while cursing the content lineup for this Battle Pass.

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Due to this reduction in time, coupled with a largely lack of materials to pursue initial sales, TI11 will be The International’s first event in 10 years that will not exceed the previous year’s total.There’s absolutely no chance, outside of Valve deciding to raise salaries or drop a chunk of cash in this period, that the TI11 could break the TI10’s record-setting $40,018,400 total.The first esports tournament to break the $40 million mark. Not only that, but at this pace, TI11 is unlikely to break into the top five esports tournaments so far in the overall prize pool.

As it stands, on a $17,173,139 basis in pricing contributing to a total of $1.6 million, the TI11 beats the TI5 for the sixth-largest prize pool in the history of esports, according to esports earnings.It Based on current estimates, the most recent event could capture a total of $20,770,460 for TI6, but $24,687,919 for TI7 is far from reached.

Even after putting some life into the 2022 Battle Pass with a new limited-level bundle, the TI11 swag bag giveaway, and a few other small improvements, it looks like the TI-growth streak breaks in 10 years.It’s poetic, in a way, that the event’s 10-year anniversary will be the record title of the future.but the lack has left some fans concerned about Dota’s competitive future, even with recent assurances from Valve.

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