A mother of two and former stable girl at the British royal family’s retreat in Highgrove has come forward to say she is the “older” woman who Prince Harry described taking his virginity during an “inglorious episode” behind a pub in his recent memoir.

“His description is accurate–the real shock when I saw what he’d written was how true it was. That’s what took me back the most. I’m not offended,” Sasha Walpole was quoted telling The Daily Mail of the encounter.

“I don’t mind him saying that because it isn’t really very glorious, is it? We were drunk and having sex in a field,” she said.

Walpole, now 40, told The Sun that the “wham bam between two friends” happened following a night out to the pub to celebrate her 19th birthday.

She said she and the then-16-year-old prince took 10 shots together, went outside to share a cigarette, and “one thing just quickly led to another.”

“It was sparky because we shouldn’t have been doing it. He wasn’t ‘Prince Harry’ to me, this was Harry, my friend, and the situation had got a little bit out of control,” she said. “’We didn’t set out to do it–it wasn’t premeditated and I didn’t know he was a virgin. There were no virgin vibes–he seemed to know what he was doing. It was quick, wild, exciting. We were both drunk. It wouldn’t have happened if we weren’t.”

Walpole, who now works as an excavator operator, claims she was not notified in advance that their dalliance would appear in the smash-hit memoir Spare, which has sold over 3.5 million copies.

But she confirmed one of the cringiest details of Harry’s oversharing—namely that he had been “spanked” during the sex romp by a partner who “treated me like a young stallion.”

“It’s his sense of humour. [We were part of] a massive horse scene and the slap happened in a horsey context, the book is a funny interpretation of that,” she said.

“Afterwards I did grab his bum and give him a slap. I gave him a little squeeze as well. He had a peachy bum. I don’t know about the stallion thing; I think that was more to do with the fact that I worked with horses.”

Walpole said the pair never spoke again after the awkward tryst.

Prince Harry and the British royal family have not yet commented on Walpole’s claim.

Post source: TDB

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