G2 Esports and Team Vitality (VIT) are currently the only two teams that haven’t suffered a loss in the LEC. Which team will claim the league lead now that they face off in Week 2? Let’s break down the two teams. VIT and G2 were the most dependable teams in the first week of the LEC. That said, their wins were vastly different and demonstrated the different strengths for the two lineups.

On the one hand, you have G2 who has shown incredible early game dominance and a great draft sense to dominate opponents. If you need more information about G2 VS VIT: Which Is The Best Team In The League?  then read carefully and don’t forget to share with your friends.

G2 VS VIT: Which Is The Best Team In The League? – LEC Weekly Preview :

Vitality, on the other hand, was a mess in the early game but proved to be strong in late game macro and execution. For the upcoming series against both these teams, there are a few key points to be kept in mind which will be crucial for both the teams’ chances of victory.

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Vitality and G2 have shown a similar playstyle and tendency to play for their respective mid laners, with both junglers making sure they can push their laners and the two of them can snowball and take over the game: Expect a lot of action in the middle of the street.

With that in mind, though, the key will be going to the bot lane, especially support players. Whoever can move around better and be ready to cover for ganks or actions will take the ultimate edge. Vitality struggles a bit in almost every game, which can be problematic when facing strong bot lanes like Hans Sama and Mikkix: they’ll need to fix that as soon as possible.

G2 also showed a fairly clean early game, while Vitality had some awkward moments – having said that, if VIT was able to hold the early-mid game, they might be able to turn it around in the later stages. Can Countering G2’s aggression is going to determine VIT’s chances of winning. We know G2 is making a lot of noise, but against VIT it might be a different story:

The odds are pretty even, although G2 should have a slightly higher chance of winning. It is very thin, but it is. We’ll have to see if VIT can find something to bridge that small gap. With such anticipation for potential battles between Yike and Bo, as well as Caps and Perkz, it looks set to be one of the highlights of the winter regular split.

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