Gannibal Show Live-Action Confirmed for Second Season


The second season of the eagerly awaited live-action adaptation of Masaaki Ninomiya’s terrifying horror manga, “Gannibal,” is now formally in production, according to Disney+ Japan’s official YouTube account. This exciting news is accompanied by the release of a unique video teaser, which has created a lot of talk among fans. Along with this exciting information, Disney+ Japan has also debuted an alluring graphic (depicted below) that teasesly exclaims, “Let’s put an end to all of these.”


Given its great returning cast and committed staff, the forthcoming second season of “Gannibal” promises to be a delight for both longtime and new viewers. As the dynamic lead character Daigo Agawa, Yuuya Yagira is expected to return. Keisuke Got, the heir to the Got family, a strong lineage that rules the mysterious village, will be played by Show Kasamatsu. Riho Yoshioka, who played Yuki Agawa, the obstinate wife of Daigo, returns, boosting the star power.

The Creative Minds Behind the Scenes

Shinzo Katayama, whose imaginative leadership of the series was clear in the first season, will continue to lead it. The masterful storyteller Takamasa e will spin a tale of suspense and terror once more. Teruhisa Yamamoto, who was instrumental in the second season’s success, is in charge of the production. Fans of “Gannibal” can relax knowing that the show’s core values and level of excellence will not change.

Disney+ Japan is the only place to stream the upcoming season for those who are anxiously anticipating it. This exciting development confirms the platform’s dedication to providing top-notch content to its viewers.

A Phenomenal First Season

In December 2022, the live-action television series “Gannibal” had its Disney+ debut. With its riveting plot and endearing characters, the show immediately captured the attention of viewers. ‘Gannibal’ is the most-watched locally produced original series on Disney+ Japan, based on streamed hours, Disney+ proudly announced, according to the respectable entertainment news outlet Variety.

A Gannibal Manga Adventure

Ablaze has obtained the manga’s licencing rights for individuals who are eager for more “Gannibal” content. Fans in North America should note November on their calendars for the release of the first volume of the compilation book, which will be followed by the release of the second volume in February 2024. The manga’s plot summary provides a clear picture:

“Daigo Agawa is a resident policeman in GANNIBAL, and he has recently been sent to the isolated mountain community of Kuge. The townspeople at first give him a warm welcome, but after an elderly woman’s death that seems suspicious, he gradually starts to see something strange about the community and starts to worry that “The people in this village are eating people.”

The gruesome “Gannibal” manga by Masaaki Ninomiya first appeared in Nihonbungeisha’s Weekly Manga Goraku magazine in October 2018 and ran through November 2021. The manga’s thirteenth and last volume, which debuted in Japanese bookstores in February 2022, astonished readers with its chilling narrative.

Fans can’t wait to delve back into the terrifying mysteries of Kuge village, as evidenced by the fact that “Gannibal” is returning. As anticipation for the second season of this compelling live-action series grows, stay tuned for further information. Once more, Disney+ Japan promises to deliver a memorable experience!

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