6 Dec, 2021 10:26 PM

Wendy’s CEO Danielle Lendich said the new chatbot called Lou had made the recruitment process faster for staff and jobseekers. Photo / Sylvie Whinray

A chatbot named Lou is serving up jobs to those looking for work at Wendy’s.

Thought to be a first for a Kiwi fast food outlet Wendy’s NZ is using new artificial intelligence (AI) technology to streamline its recruitment process.

Lou takes jobseekers through the recruitment process screening candidates, finding the right job and branch, and then scheduling an in-person interview where a human colleague takes over.

The chatbot, found on the company’s website under the employment tab or via a QR code at the restaurant, takes the applicant through a range of standard employment-related questions and filters out those who are unable to perform the tasks required or those under the age of 16.

The next phases – reference checking and a face-to-face job interview – are still performed by the recruiter.

Syncing with the recruiter’s calendar, the system helps schedule the interview at a convenient time for both parties.

Lou the chatbot takes jobseekers through the recruitment process and schedules an interview with a real person. Photo / Supplied
Lou the chatbot takes jobseekers through the recruitment process and schedules an interview with a real person. Photo / Supplied

Wendy’s NZ CEO Danielle Lendich said the technology, through American AI company Paradox, had already streamlined the recruitment process in New Zealand.

“By automating administrative tasks like scheduling, screening and onboarding, the store manager’s time is freed up so they can get on with running the restaurant,” Lendich said.

Lendich said in a tight Covid labour market the faster recruitment process was a huge benefit.

“We’ve essentially moved from a two interview process to just one, and we’re able to start interacting with a potential candidate as soon as they apply, with no delays.

“We’ve had over 900 applications since the system went live, which I think shows how easy it is easy to use.”

There were plenty of benefits for the jobseeker too.

The system is faster and easier and an application can be made from any digital device, anywhere in New Zealand Lendich said.

“We get a lot of candidates asking about jobs in-store, so the QR code means they can start their application immediately. They can upload their IRD and KiwiSaver details online.

“There’s also less chance of someone slipping through the cracks, a paper application being lost or of an important question being missed, and better for the planet with less paper being used.”

Earlier this year Wendy’s was the first fast-food outlet to introduce a contactless payment device for its drive-thru windows.

At the time Lendich said the technology, through Windcave, meant faster and safer service during the pandemic.

The technology was very similar to parking meter terminals that Auckland Council had installed.

Wendy’s chatbot Lou can be found on the Wendy’s homepage – – under “employment” in the bottom right-hand corner.

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