Ugly scenes as ‘Chinese ultra-nationalists’ clash with Hong Kong human rights protestors in the stands as Australia take on China in basketball match

  • Hong Kong human rights protester clashed with Chinese national in Melbourne 

Chinese ‘ultra-nationalists’ have clashed with Hong Kong human rights protesters at a China versus Australia basketball match. 

Crowds were left shocked at the violent display during the FIBA World Cup qualifier on Thursday night at John Cain Arena in Melbourne. 

Activist Max Mok alleges he was ‘assaulted’ after he began shouting ‘free East Turkestan’ and ‘Hong Kong independence’. 

Footage shows him yelling and holding a poster before he is pushed by a larger man as his girlfriend tries to hold him back.

Mr Mok’s poster was demanding the release of Mirzat Taher, an Australian Uyghur political prisoner held in China for 25 years. 

Security were forced to intervene to break up the clash and then called in police to assist. 

More to follow.


Daily Mail

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