Duckworth Lewis Stern method which is popularly known as DLS method is used in limited overs games in cricket. As cricket is a game of uncertainties as seen in CSK vs GT IPL 2023 finals, the DLS method helps in calculating the correct target for the opponents. When limited overs matches are disturbed because of bad weather or other inappropriate conditions, then in that case DLS method is used. Two people from England, named Frank Duckworth and Tony Lewis came up with the formula and from then onwards the method is popularly known as DLS method. It was created in 1997 and was officially adopted by the International Cricket Council (ICC) in the year 1999. 

How DLS works

Usually one team bats first and scores runs in limited overs games like One Day International (ODI) or T20 International (T20I). First batting team set the target for the second team which they have to chase. But when due to inappropriate conditions or rain, when the play is interrupted, the time and difficulty of the game changes. In that case the DLS method helps to calculate the target for the opponents with the same difficulty statistically. The main reason behind this is to create the same conditions for the second batting team, which were faced by the first batting team. In the DLS method, both overs and runs are affected. Both are adjusted to create the same conditions. The same took place in CSK vs GT IPL 2023 finals. As, just before CSK’s batting the rain started and due to which DLS method was used to set the proper target for them. After calculations CSK was given 170 runs to score in 15 overs. However the original target was 215 in 20 overs. 

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Other methods

In essence, the V Jayadevan System (VJD) approach is based on two curves. The first curve shows the “normal” run-getting pattern, or the scenario in which there is no interruption and each side anticipates its batting in the allotted number of overs. The second curve (sometimes known as the “target curve”) describes how the batting side should “speed up” following a break. Both the percentage of played overs and the percentage of lost wickets are taken into consideration by the “normal” curve. Only the percentage of overs played is taken into account by the “target” curve, which is used to set new targets. This method was introduced by an Indian engineer V.Jayadevan and in his name the method is called VJD method. 

How DLS effects

The DLS method can either be helpful for the team or it can make the target even harder for them. Every team has their strength and they play accordingly. For example some teams have their middle order stronger, whereas some have their opening strong. In the DLS method, overs are cut off and sometimes runs required are much higher, which can create difficulty for the teams. This happens due to run rate. If any team gets a good start and then the game is stopped, then after rain the conditions will be in their favor according to the DLS method because of their run rate. Run rate is the key factor in the DLS method. If any team has a slow run rate, then they surely get more runs to chase in much lesser overs comparatively. In CSK vs GT IPL 2023 finals, CSK initially required runs with the run rate of 10+. After the DLS method the same target was shortened and overs were cut off and the run rate was maintained at 10+ runs per over.  

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