Free Fire Max is one of the famous games in India. The game gives its own currency named Diamonds, which begins from Rs 80 for 100 Diamonds and reaches up to Rs 4,000 for 5,600 Diamonds. Free Fire Max is bringing up a Level Up Pass that gives you with Diamonds for a cheap price. You just have to subscribe for a one-time and you will get diamonds as a result as you level up in the game. How to Buy Free Fire Max Level Up Pass?

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Level up Pass in Free Fire Max

The Level Up Pass in Free Fire Max let gamers to obtain diamonds when you will cross a new level. Rather than expending money to purchase diamonds separately in the game, gamers can purchase a Level Up Pass rather and receive diamonds as soon as they cross a new level. To offer you a nicer picture, you can receive 310 diamonds for Rs 240; nonetheless, as you get Level Up Pass, you can obtain 800 diamonds for simply Rs 190 on the circumstance that you have to pass the levels.

How to Buy Free Fire Max Level Up Pass?

To purchase a Free Fire Max Level Up Pass immediately from the game, just perform the steps given below. Prior to beginning the steps, keep in mind that you have logged in with the account in which you hope to receive diamonds.

  1. Start the Free Fire Max game on your mobile.
  2. Go to the homepage of the game, press on the Diamond icon located on the top.
  3. Click on Level Up Pass option present on the left sidebar
  4. Click on the Rs 190 option on the poster located above the boxes.
  5. Do the buy making use of your choosed payment method. Once you complete this step, your Level up pass will be activated. Now you are able to play games, pass the levels, and get your free diamonds.

Here is a Way To Get Cheap Diamonds?

If you are looking for other choices to obtain Free Fire Max Diamonds at a lesser price, we have some other procedure for you. These methods will help you to save a ton of money compared to regular prices. The game gives its gamers two memberships on the basis of days – Weekly and Monthly. The cost of Weekly membership is Rs 159, which gives you a total of 450 diamonds. From these diamonds, you earn 100 directly, whereas the remained 350 will be given as daily sign-in. Other advantages have a weekly member icon, discount store privilege, second chance, 2x Diamond royale vouchers, and 1x weapon royale vouchers.

Apart from that, the monthly membership is cost at Rs 799 and gives a total of 2600 diamonds. Gamers get 500 diamonds immediately, whereas the rest can be obtained by daily signing in. Moreover, a gamer who has done subscribing to this membership will obtain a monthly member icon, discount store privilege, 5x second chance, 7x Diamond royale vouchers, and 7x weapon royale vouchers.

So, this was all about Level Up Pass of Free Fire MAX.

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