The fans can’t wait to read Hyeonjung’s Residence Chapter 29 which still has some time to get released. I mean, sure, because the last chapter ended on such a thrilling note that even I can’t help but be intrigued. Junbae who slowly captivating everyone’s heart is finally going to have action with both Jenny and Jane. Each sibling is eager to claim Junbae as her own. It’s going to be interesting to see where this contest between Jenny and Jane goes.

An intriguing manhwa, “Hyeonjung’s Residence” tells the story of Junbae, a young man who realizes his ambition of becoming a driver for high-end foreign automobiles. He meets the daughters of the affluent Hyeonjung family and the female staff members as he begins working at the Hyeonjung Residence, a lovely home. Sportslumo will provide you with information related to the next chapter.

Release Date and Where To Read Hyeonjung’s Residence Chapter 29

A love triangle will be shown in Hyeonjung’s Residence Chapter 29 which will release on May 5, 2023. Now do remember these dates and times are based on the official release of Hyeonjung’s Residence Chapter 29 on Toptoon. Always read from the official site to support the artist and author for their work. There could be a time lag, and the chapter could not be available until the next day in some countries. Since the English translation is always behind schedule for this manhwa, the English version won’t be out for another week at the earliest.

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Previously in Hyeonjung’s Residence Chapter 28

Junbae is back at Hyeonjung’s Household after spending some time in an orphanage in Chapter 28. But Jenny met him in the hallway while she was dressed to the nines and asked him to take her for a drive at night. However, Junbae respectfully declines because he already has a date with Jane. And at that very moment, Jane arrives to break the news. They got in the car and drove off together.

They started to have fun just being in the car together. However, Junbae appears to be easily frightened, and this time it was because Jane was behind the wheel. He pleaded with her to pull over. Jane stops the car in the middle of the freeway to convince Junbae that he loves her. Junbae warned them to go because they were in plain sight.

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Fearless Jane

But will Jane actually pay attention? No way, she was already stunning and Junbae couldn’t change her mind. He kissed her, and that night their love became even deeper. Despite the potential danger, they decided to take advantage of the present time. A car drove by unexpectedly, and Junbae stepped in to shield Jane from its occupants. This made Jane’s stomach flutter, and her feelings for him deepened.

They returned just as Junbae was leaving to go back to his room. Jenny sneaked in on Junbae while he was sleeping and began shooting pictures and sending them to her sister to make her envious. She woke Junbae up by embracing him passionately. However, at the same time, Jane walked in, looking prepared for the next challenge. In the next chapter, the three of them will engage in some fantastic romantic wrestling.

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