For Sunday, March 19, 2023, a brand-new Gintama spin-off anime adaptation has been scheduled. After the revelation was revealed in the first half of Gintama Ato no Matsuri 2023, an event honoring the series after it had ended, it was made public. On Sunday, March 19, the post-anime festival was slated to take place in the Ryogoku Kokugikan National Sumo Arena. The entire fandom has been anticipating the announcement since it was made during the post-celebration event, though. It is expected that Bandai Namco Pictures will continue to act as the production company given that they produced the previous series and have a big part in Ato no Matsuri 2023.

Class 3-Z Ginpachi Sensei

Gintama, a Japanese manga series created by Hideaki Sorachi, is now well-known in the otaku subculture. The series was published in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine from December 2003 to September 2018. Afterward, it was published in Jump Giga from December 2018 to February 2019. The 77 volumes of tankobon that make up the series contain all of its chapters. The anime series began airing on TV Tokyo in April 2006 and concluded in October 2018 after 367 episodes. In addition to the anime television series, the franchise has also produced a number of noteworthy motion pictures and OVAs. However, following the conclusion of the original series, the brand has formally announced that Gintama: Class 3-Z, Ginpachi Sensei, a new spin-off, will debut soon.

A parody of 2nd Year B Gumi Kinpachi Sensei that twice featured in Akamaru Jump is Gintama: Class 3-Z, Ginpachi Sensei. In this, Ginpachi-sensei poses as Gintoki and enters the room with candy instead of a cigarette as he moves towards the table while sporting spectacles and a white coat. The treat is a peropero candy. In the spoof, Ginpachi asserts that the smoke is the result of rapidly licking the sweets. Among the main characters in Ginpachi Sensei are Shinpachi, Kagura, Omi, Kondo, and Hijikata. Tomohito Osaki later turned it into a novel, and seven tankobon volumes were released. The book was also published in Jump Square, starting with issue one and continuing until issue seven on May 7. The anime DVD season 2008 volume’s limited edition also included a drama CD that featured an original story.

As Ginpachi-sensei responds to queries from viewers on the primary plot of the anime, it is known as Inform me Ginpachi in the anime. Moreover, images of the play’s setting first surfaced in the 4th ED period, and another image of the graduation ceremony first appeared in the 16th ED.

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Twitter Reactions From Fans

The manga series became a cultural phenomenon since it enjoyed the same level of popularity throughout its existence as the major 3 animes, Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach. As a result, fans expressed their excitement for the new spin-off anime series on social media sites when it was announced. Fans expressed their excitement about the spin-off on various accounts that shared the news, expressing how they can’t wait to watch it or that “best sensei” is returning.

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