One of the biggest questions surrounding the January 6th Committee hearings this month is whether Donald Trump’s most loyal supporters would even tune in let alone be open to seeing him in a new light. Only The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper had the idea to bring the hearings to them.

In his latest dispatch from MAGA country, Klepper traveled to a Trump rally in Mississippi to first find out whether anyone waiting to get in had been watching the hearings and then play them some of the most damning clips on an iPad and see what they made of them.

Unsurprisingly, he couldn’t find anyone who had been watching the proceedings, and that included one woman in a red Trump visor who was demanding an “investigation” to prove her theory that Nancy Pelosi was behind the insurrection.

Another pair of young women didn’t even know what Klepper was talking about when he mentioned January 6th. “Election Day?” one of them asked. They seemed similarly unfamiliar with the term “insurrection.”

Klepper began by showing Trump supporters the clip of Trump’s former attorney general Bill Barr calling “bullshit” on claims of a stolen election. Their only explanation for his decision to “turn on” Trump is that he was being paid to lie.

He then asked the same women who knew nothing about January 6th if they “trust” Ivanka Trump. When they said yes, he showed them the video of her agreeing with Barr’s assessment. After he slowly explained to them what they had just seen, they just were not willing—or able—to see the “Big Lie” for what it is.

“That doesn’t even look like her,” another man responded. “What do they got, clones out there these days? That might be a clone!”

“It’s almost like you’re confronted with it and your brain does somersaults to figure out, there must be some other reason!” Klepper replied with a laugh.

For more, listen to The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper on The Last Laugh podcast.

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