Justin Timberlake Teases Snippet Of New N’Sync Song!


No, this isn’t ‘Bye Bye Bye’ for beloved boyband N’Sync!

N'Sync at a press conference circa 2001

The quintessential nineties fivesome are back with a new single- and Justin Timberlake has an Instagram reel to prove it!


N’Sync made headlines with their appearance at MTV’s 2023 Video Music Awards earlier this week, and it looks as if Timberlake, Lance Bass, JC Chasez, Joey Fatone, and Chris Kirkpatrick have been in the process of gifting fans with a souvenir from their short appearance on stage: a brand new song!

22 years after the release of the group’s final album “Celebrity,” N’Sync has been in the studio, and are back with some ear candy as evidenced by a new Instagram reel posted by both Timberlake and Fatone, as of press time.

What Are The Deets About N’Sync’s New Tune?

Fresh off of two generations of pop music colliding thanks to MTV and the VMAs, the boys are back in town! N’Sync presented one Ms. Taylor Alison Swift with the Best Pop Award at Tuesday’s ceremony and audience members’ hearts were anything but torn up!

The “Love Story” singer asked a big question that is undoubtedly on many fans’ minds since the big moment: “Are you doing something? What’s gonna happen now?”

Well, pop music devotees know a bit of the answer to this question now! The band’s new song “Better Place” was announced earlier today; the track marks the band’s first single in two decades.

“Better Place” is featured in the trailer for “Trolls Band Together,” per TODAY, which will be released in November.

Fans Can Hear A Snippet In A New Reel!

N’Sync has been warming up their ol’ Instagram grid ahead of the big news.

The band’s page shared a reel featuring the guys in an elevator leading up to the VMAs stage, and a reel of the band lip-synching to the famous clip of the “Friends” gang contemplating Chandler and Monica’s relationship!


The ‘Friend’ly reel certainly inspired mounds of curious fans!

“Um.. well whatever this is.. I know for a fact that I will not be able to recover from this financially.” a follower wrote.

“I have grown up money to spend for whatever is happening and ready to go in grown up debt if need be,” another chimed in.

“We have waited long enough for this. We are old and tired. Just tell us already,” a fan exclaimed.

“Alexa, play Quit Playing Games With My Heart by the Backstreet Boys,” a fan commanded!

Fans can put their wallets away (temporarily?) as Timberlake and Fatone have given a little sneak peek to tide us all over!

The band can be seen unabashedly enjoying themselves in the studio, and Timberlake can be heard saying “So many stars aligned so that’s why I hit y’all, I was like ‘Hey, something came up!”

He adds, “We do this song, it’s a love letter to our fans. I would be honored to have the group on this song.”

Timberlake had a massive hit with 2016’s “Can’t Stop This Feeling” on the soundtrack to the first film in the ‘Trolls’ franchise.

In the caption to the reel, Timberlake writes, “When the stars align… got my brothers back together in the studio to work on something fun and the energy was special. Better Place is coming 9/29 ?? LOVE Y’ALL”

“Better Place” will be released on September 29th, with “Trolls Band Together” coming to theaters on November 17th!

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