Kyrie Irving has been known to drop big bucks into random GoFundMe fundraisers in the past. This month alone, he’s already donated $67,000 to two different fundraisers that both have personal meaning to the Dallas Mavericks star.

Kyrie Irving Donated To Two GoFundMe Pages In The Past Two Weeks

Kyrie Irving

While many people talk about the things that Irving has done to cause controversy, it’s more of a rare occurrence to hear about his many philanthropic activities. The fact remains, he’s donated hundreds of thousands of dollars in the recent past, and some of the money has gone to random GoFundMe pages he’s found.

To add to his list of donations, Irving donated $22,000 to one fundraiser and $45,000 to another in the past few weeks.

In late February, the NBA star donated $45,000 to a GoFundMe page named, “Education, Love, and Care in Nigeria and Ghana.” The fundraising page includes information on the cause.

Kyrie Irving donates to GoFundMe
Cameron Mofid – GoFundMe

“Hi, my name is Cameron Mofid and I’ve just returned home to the U.S. from a trip through West Africa. During my time there, I had the opportunity to visit two phenomenal organizations – a school in one of the world’s most impoverished slums in Nigeria and an orphanage in one of Ghana’s roughest neighborhoods. In recognition of the dire situation, I have decided to raise funds for these two organizations,” the page reads.

It continues with an explanation of why the money is desperately needed and more information on the school and the orphanage. The explanation concludes with, “The buying power between the United States and the supported neighborhoods in Nigeria and Ghana is around 10x (what one can buy with $1 they can buy 10x the amount).”

Irving‘s large donation took the organizer by surprise, who wrote a comment on the page about Irving’s generosity.

“On Sunday morning, I woke up to a $45,000 donation from Kyrie Irving,” Mofid began. “I’m not exactly sure how Kyrie found the fundraiser, but it’s likely that it was trending on GoFundMe as a result of the number of people that shared and supported.”

Mofid also shared what Irving’s donation will help with saying there’s now enough money to purchase a water tank for the school in Nigeria, which means the students will have clean drinking water.

“This will quite literally save lives,” he said. He also explained that every student will now be able to get books, backpacks, shoes and uniforms.

With the donation, they were also able to purchase 13 acres of land in Ghana and start the building process for the orphanage. “Kyrie’s donation should be enough to fund its entire construction,” he wrote.

Kyrie Irving Also Donated To A GoFundMe For The Memory Of Najee Seabrooks

Kyrie Irving donates to GoFundMe
In Memory of Najee Seabrooks – GoFundMe

Irving also donated $22,000 to a GoFundMe for the memory of Najee Seabrooks, a New Jersey man who was shot and killed by police officers on March 3.

“On March 3, 2023 Najee Seabrooks was senselessly murdered at the hands of the Paterson police department. He was experiencing a mental health crisis and called the police for assistance,” the GoFundMe page explains.

“During the hours that followed, his family & coworkers were on the scene. Paterson Healing Collective, who specialize in crisis intervention begged police to intervene. The police refused. As a result, Najee was not given the help he sought. This tragic event amplifies the need for an independent mental health crisis team as well as proficient training by law enforcement.”

Money donated to Seabrooks’ GoFundMe will go toward funeral expenses and a trust fund for his daughter Sophia.

Seabrooks, 31, worked as a violence intervention activist to help keep at-risk youth in his community of Paterson, New Jersey, safe, but sadly became a victim himself.

This GoFundMe likely hit way too close to home for Irving who grew up not far from Paterson. Eli Carter, co-founder of More Than A Run charity event that Irving is part of each year, also posted information about this tragedy on his Instagram page.

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