A Labour MP today sparked fury as she insisted double rapist Isla Bryson deserves ‘respect’ to ‘transition safely’ to a woman after being placed in a women’s jail, declaring: ‘This gentleman is transitioning to a female. We need to just be fair’.

Paulette Hamilton, who represents Erdington in Birmingham, has said that Bryson must have the same support as the female prisoners experts believe the sex attacker poses a danger to at Cornton Vale prison in Stirlingshire.

Labour has been accused of being ‘all over the place’ on gender and Yvette Cooper tried to give frontbench clarity on the issue today declaring it is a ‘dangerous’ decision not to place Bryson in a male jail.

But asked how she would deal with the case, Labour’s Paulette Hamilton said: ‘We’re a democratic country – we have to treat him fairly.

‘We have to respect that he is transitioning to a woman. For myself as an MP in a constituency where I have a number of people who have contacted me that are transitioning. I think all they want us to be is just fair towards them. We need to just be fair and he has a fair hearing’.

Paulette Hamilton, a Birmingham Labour MP, said that rapist Isla Bryson should be given the support necessary to 'transition safely' to become a woman

Yvette Cooper, Shadow Home Secretary, said it 'should be straightforward' that someone who has committed crimes against women shouldn't be housed with women

Paulette Hamilton, a Birmingham Labour MP,  said that rapist Isla Bryson should be given the support necessary to ‘transition safely’ to become a woman as Yvette Cooper, Shadow Home Secretary, said it ‘should be straightforward’ that someone who has committed crimes against women shouldn’t be housed with women

Transgender criminal Isla Bryson at the High Court in Glasgow

Isla Bryson, 31, (pictured), who was born Adam Graham, was convicted of raping two woman

Times Radio presenter Jane Garvey said: ‘The person has had a fair hearing and has been found guilty of two rapes’ before co-host Fi Glover said: ”I think a lot of people feel uncomfortable knowing who is the more vulnerable whose rights need to be respected the most’.

Ms Hamilton responded: ‘So what are you trying to get me to say? I’m going to be honest with you because I’m not going to tell you “we’re gonna kill him because he wants to be transitioning”.’

She added: ‘I have to say I would be more concerned about the women in this circumstance if you are asking me outright. But saying all of that, transitioning he will get the support he needs to ensure that he transitions safely’.

This morning Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper was clear that the transgender rapist should be sent to a male prison after being accused of ‘gaming the system’ by self-identifying as a woman after being charged as Adam Graham.

Ms Cooper told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: ‘This dangerous rapist should not be in a women’s prison’.

And in an attack on Nicola Sturgeon after the Scottish First Minister refused to move the transgender double rapist, she said: ‘It should be clear that if someone poses a danger to women and committed crimes against women they should not be being housed in a women’s prison.

‘That is straightforward and I think most people would agree with that.’

Labour has been accused of having accused of having a problem with women with Sir Keir Starmer famously refusing to say last year if ‘a woman can have a penis’. He later clarified that the ‘vast majority’ of women do not have a penis, causing yet more confusion.

Downing Street said yesterday it has ‘concerns’ about the Scottish government putting a male-bodied rapist in a women’s prison and Ms Cooper said the same in stronger terms.

Former Cabinet minister Lord Blunkett said this week the opposition must treat people with respect but not do anything to undermine women’s rights.

He also went against party policy by backing the UK Government’s decision to block Scotland’s radical self-ID reform that would have allowed 16-year-olds to legally change sex.

As the damaging row over Labour’s ‘woman problem’ continued, it emerged that its chief whip had told backbencher Lloyd Russell-Moyle to apologise for shouting down and trying to intimidate two female MPs, including one from his own party.

Labour defended its MP, Rosie Duffield, who likened her membership to being in an abusive relationship, after briefings that she spent too much time with fellow women’s rights campaigner JK Rowling.

Lord Blunkett, who served as home secretary and education secretary under Tony Blair, made his critical comments on the BBC’s Politics Live programme yesterday [wed].

He said that ministers had been right to use the so-called Section 35 order for the first time to stop Scotland’s transgender reforms becoming law, even though Scottish Labour voted for them and Sir Keir Starmer’s spokesman said the veto was unnecessary.

Lord Blunkett went on: ‘I’m sick and tired of identity politics, having to debate it over and over again.’ He said respect and genuine equality were needed, adding that Mr Russell-Moyle was right to apologise to Tory MP Miriam Cates for ‘expressing a perfectly reasonable point of view’ on safeguarding.

Isla Bryson, 31, was known as Adam Graham (pictured) and had a Mike Tyson-style face tattoo during the violent sex attacks in 2016 and 2019

Isla Bryson, 31, was known as Adam Graham (pictured) and had a Mike Tyson-style face tattoo during the violent sex attacks in 2016 and 2019

Downing Street showed 'concerns' about the Scottish government putting a male-bodied rapist in a women's prison - in a move that will place pressure on Nicola Sturgeon to reverse the decision

Downing Street showed ‘concerns’ about the Scottish government putting a male-bodied rapist in a women’s prison – in a move that will place pressure on Nicola Sturgeon to reverse the decision

And he said it was ‘just not acceptable’ for convicted rapist Adam Graham to identify as a woman and be sent to a women’s prison in Scotland.

Last night Miss Duffield spoke out again on Labour’s woman problem.

She told Talk TV it is ‘kind of mad’ and ‘dystopian’ that Sir Keir cannot say if women can have penises, and that she had ‘no idea’ what he personally believes on the topic.

She suggested that the party leader felt unable to defend her because of pressure from student groups and activists, and said part of the problem was that Labour had so many men in senior posts.

Asked what her message to Sir Keir was, she replied: ‘I think I’d like him to listen to women’s groups. I’d like to know that he’s met with those people that are really concerned about this.’

The Prime Minister’s official spokesperson said he had ‘seen the reporting and understands the concerns’ over the decision to let transgender woman Isla Bryson – formerly known as Adam Graham – be held in a women’s prison despite raping two women. 

Justice Secretary Dominic Raab tweeted that such a move would not happen south of the border, after the Government overhauled rules to stop transgender sex offenders from being held in women’s prisons. 

Under the new changes, Mr Raab said transgender women who had committed sex crimes or retained male genitalia could not be held in women’s prisons except in the most exceptional cases authorised by ministers.    

Both Downing Street and the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) revealed they were powerless to stop the Scottish Government’s move because criminal justice is a devolved responsibility. 

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