Lala Kent is not hiding how she feels about Raquel Leviss!

The actress, a controversial figure on the show, joined the “Vanderpump Rules” cast in its fourth season and quickly became known for her sharp tongue and unapologetic attitude, making her a fan favorite. 

After the show’s reunion, she expressed her true feelings towards her fellow cast member. It seems that this latest feud will surely add some drama to an already highly anticipated event.

Lala Kent Takes Dig At Raquel Leviss After Confirming ‘VPR’ Reunion Attendance 

The star clapped at the 28-year-old’s announcement that she would attend the season 10 reunion taping on March 23rd. The model wrote to her Instagram Stories on March 21st, “Yes, I will be attending the reunion tomorrow in person.”

Kent then reposted it on her page to respond using the words, “We can’t wait to see you @raquelleviss 😈.” The 32-year-old is being very open and direct about her feelings towards the former Miss Sonoma County.

Following the revelation of Tom Sandoval and Leviss’ affair, the cast of the hit reality TV series has taken sides, and it is clear that Kent is firmly on #TeamAriana.

Lala Kent Throws Shade At Raquel Leviss After Confirming 'VPR' Reunion Attendance
Instagram | Lala Kent

During a recent episode of her podcast “Give Them Lala,” The Blast reported that she discussed a variety of topics, including whether she believed Leviss could bounce back from the scandal.

The “Trauma Center” actress also believed that physical altercations might occur during the upcoming “Vanderpump Rules” reunion special. Still, she made it clear that she would not get into any fights herself.

To reassure her fanbase, Kent stated, “I’m not a physical person, I’m not trying to catch a case. Also, there’s something about putting my hands on someone that feels ‘ick.’”

She also acknowledged that there would likely be a significant security presence at the event, given the potential for the situation to boil over among the cast. Her co-host Jessica Walter then asked, “Do you think there’s any coming back from this for Raquel?”

Before Kent could respond, her “gusband,” Logan, also weighed in on the topic, stating that he did not believe there was any way for the TV personality to recover her reputation. He suggested that the other girls in the cast would “rip her back down” if necessary.

She supported his comment, saying, “I don’t think it’s any secret that she’s ALWAYS triggered me. Always. From the jump, I just, she gave me an ‘ick.’ ALWAYS. And to see that the girls who were building her up and giving her that confidence, when I may have made her not so confident, now they despise her probably more than I do.”

Although the “Out of Death” star expressed her uncertainty about Leviss’ return to future seasons of “VPR,” she believed she would likely attempt to transition to another reality TV show.

Lala Kent Offers Support To Ariana Madix After Breakup With Tom Sandoval

Ariana Madix Storms Off During 'Intense' On-Camera Confrontation With Tom Sandoval

After the “NFL Writers Room” guest star’s break up with the actor, whom she had been in a relationship with for almost ten years, Kent is optimistic about her friend’s prospects.

However, the situation is complicated by the scandalous affair between Leviss and Sandoval, which had been going on for months while Madix was still close friends with the younger star.

Although the entrepreneur has not been shy about expressing her unwavering support for her pal, The Blast shared that she does not think Madix should seek her guidance or counsel at this moment, but instead to do so at a later time.

During an episode of her podcast, she confessed that she is not the best person for the 37-year-old to be around right now and might not benefit her. She admitted, “I text her. I check in with her friends, just letting her know that I’m here. But I think that’s where it should stay until the wound isn’t so fresh.”

During the conversation, her co-host Jessica Walter expressed excitement about who Madix might end up with next. Her “gusbands” playfully suggested that the two women might become each other’s next love interest, jokingly referring to a possible “lesbian season” on the show’s next installment.

Taking it in good stride, Kent joined in on the joke, quipping, “Ariana is just my baby’s step-momma,” before playfully adding that if they did become a couple, her daughter Ocean Kent would undoubtedly become an unstoppable force.

Post source: The blast

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