Another League of Legends patch day has arrived, and with it comes a problem affecting a champion who received a lot of assistance from Riot Games in this patch. The Ivern’s W bug, which places a brush in a desired area and, as of this patch, offers a few new effects, is being actively looked into, the League development team informed players via Twitter today.

The team claims that some champions are losing the ability to use their basic attacks while seated in an Ivern-made brush, which has the effect of taking away important components from their kits. If you need more information about League of Legends Resolving the Ivern-related bug by Riot, then read carefully, and don’t forget to share with your friends.

Ivern can still be played, so those who choose the champion may encounter this bug in their gameplay. This is noteworthy. While it’s unclear precisely which champions are affected, it doesn’t seem to affect all of them when they sit in this brush.

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As part of Patch 13.11, Ivern’s “mid-scope update” became operational today. The modifications are being viewed as net buffs for the champion rather than an overhaul akin to Rell—whose mid-scope update is also now available—following weeks of testing and discussion between Riot and Ivern players. Players observed that the changes appeared to unnecessarily affect parts of Ivern’s kit that didn’t need such tuning upon the changes’ release on the PBE, ultimately causing their delay.

Even the router may be the problem. By unplugging your router and waiting at least 10 seconds, you can try to reboot it. Check to see if the trying to reconnect error has been fixed by plugging it back in and turning it on.

Try switching to a wired connection using a LAN cable if your Wi-Fi router is the problem. Close any other programs that might be using up your bandwidth in the interim, and make sure to. Your connection to the League of Legends servers may be hampered by background downloads, streaming apps for video or music, and other factors.

A fix will likely be made available within the next few hours as Riot is actively working on a fix for this bug that has the potential to completely change the course of games. If not, Ivern will probably be removed from the game until a fix is found.

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