After years of keeping the situation under wraps, Logan Paul recently opened up about his previous relationship with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and what caused the friendship to go sour. The duo previously appeared in several videos and pictures together, and one time Paul was a part of the promotional content for “Baywatch.”

Following his infamous Japan suicide video and the widespread online backlash, the 27-year-old revealed that he was in a dark place at the time. The YouTube video saw him and his friends making jokes at the expense of a deceased man.

According to Paul, he was contacted by his and The Rock’s publicist in the middle of the backlash. She told him that the former wrestler wanted all pictures and videos of him taken down from Paul’s social media pages.

Logan Paul Shed Light On Past Relationship With The Rock

Paul just shed some light on his past relationship with The Rock and what brought about its end. According to the YouTube star, he was good friends with the former WWE star until his infamous suicide forest blog incident in 2017.

He was asked to take down all traces of the duo doing anything together on his social media in the middle of the controversy. They were previously so friendly towards each other that in 2017, Paul appeared in promotional material and a deleted scene from “Baywatch.”

According to Paul, while various celebrities and politicians called for him to be canceled due to the incident, The Rock’s action hurt him the most. The YouTuber turned wrestler revealed that although their relationship fell off years ago, he kept things quiet after being promised that the duo could become friends again in the future.

Logan Paul Fell Into A ‘Hole’ After Japan Forest Vlog Incident


The 27-year-old appeared on the True Geordie podcast and revealed he was in a bad place around when he got the request from the actor’s publicist. “This was one of the saddest moments of my life, what I’m about to say,” he recalled.

Paul continued, “After Japan happened, I obviously found myself in a hole—rightly so— that I had never been in before. Extremely low, mentally, and I got a call from my publicist, who also repped Dwayne’ The Rock’ Johnson.”

“She’s like, ‘Hey, Dwayne Has asked that you remove every video and picture that you’ve done with him. Maybe in the future, the relationship can be reconciled, but for now, he basically wants nothing to do with you.’ Which I also understood. I get it. I made a grotesque error.”

Logan Paul Said He Wished The Rock Had Reached Out To Him

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson World premiere of 'Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw'

Concerning Paul’s controversial incident, the wrestler revealed that he knew the issue affected The Rock differently from the other people because of his past experiences. “He has had things happen in his life where like a lot of people, that incident affected him in a personal way. So I understood it, and that was the other part – you sleep on the bed you make, right?”

The “Baywatch” star previously opened up concerning his mother’s attempt at suicide when he was just 15. He used the medium to encourage people to look out and care for each other.

Despite everything, Paul revealed that he wished The Rock had contacted him personally to shed light on his decision. According to the 27-year-old, at the time, they had a healthy relationship and an open line of communication. “I was so sad that my hero wanted nothing to do with me,” he said. “I was sad because I understood it. I really f–ked up.”

Since the 2017 incident, Paul has certainly cleaned up his image. He revealed that The Rock recently sent him a direct message on Instagram, acting like the duo were still on good terms; however, the 27-year-old didn’t respond. The former wrestler reportedly reacted to Paul’s recent appearance in WrestleMania and noted how proud he was of the former YouTuber.

Paul’s Controversial Japan Video

Logan Paul 2019 Streamy Awards

Following Paul’s controversial video released in 2017, the wrestler’s channels were removed from YouTube. The video streaming platform also revealed that they had put all original projects concerning the US vlogger on hold.

In the video he posted, Paul was seen with his friends at the Aokigahara forest, located at the base of Mount Fuji. The place was known as a frequent site for suicides. After going into the forest, the friends came across the body of a dead man, and while they seemed shocked, they proceeded to make jokes at the expense of the deceased.

The video, called the Japan video, brought on heavy backlash from his viewers who called it “disrespectful” and “disgusting” and demanded that it be taken down. The 27-year-old posted an apology on Twitter, saying that at the time, he was misguided by “shock and awe.”

He also posted an apology video where he said, “I should have never posted the video. I should have put the camera down and stopped recording what we were going through. I am ashamed of myself. I am disappointed in myself.”

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