A Brooklyn man was charged with a hate crime Thursday for allegedly desecrating four synagogues last week, police said. 

Emil Benjamin, 39, is accused of vandalizing the four houses of worship in Midwood with graffiti last Saturday, authorities said. 

The targeted synagogues were Kahal Darkei Noam on Avenue J, Young Israel Senior Services of Midwood on Ocean Avenue, Khal Toras Chaim D’Flatbush on Avenue L and Knesses Bais Avigdor on Avenue J, police said. 

At the last location, Benjamin allegedly broke into the synagogue, graffitied the inside, broke two cabinets and swiped $20, police said.

Cops said the graffiti at all the synagogues included derogatory phrases, but didn’t elaborate.

This post first appeared on Nypost.com

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