Man In US Detained For Strolling Through Texas Airport Without Any Clothes


Man In US Detained For Strolling Through Texas Airport Without Any Clothes

His identity is publicly unknown at this time.

A man in the US was taken into custody by police after a video showed him allegedly parading around Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, without any clothes. In a statement to Fox News Digital, Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport said that the airport’s Department of Public Safety responded to the nude man walking inside Terminal C at about 10:15 p.m. Monday.

Videos of the bizarre incident that went viral showed him casually strolling around the airport as others watched in bewilderment. “There’s a naked guy at the airport,” a nearby passenger can be heard saying on the video. The naked man then turned and pointed to the person recording. 

People had mixed reactions regarding the footage, One user wrote, ”That’s silly.” Another commented, ‘We can be sure he has no guns, he is not dangerous. And why is nudity so disturbing for some people? I recognize it’s strange, but is it so problematic?”

It’s unclear if the man was charged with anything. However, officials say they arrested him and took him into custody for a mental health evaluation.

The man’s identity has not been released and additional details about the circumstances leading up to the incident are currently unknown. 

In a similar incident in March this year, a 44-year-old man was arrested after he was spotted walking down the street naked in Florida’s Palm Beach, CBS 12 reported.  The incident was reported on March 8 when an employee from Taboo called the police to report a white male walking past the store naked in full view at the 200 block of Worth Avenue. When the cops arrived at the scene, they approached the man, who was seen walking without clothing and exposing his genitals to the public. 

Upon his arrest, the man claimed that he was from a ”different Earth.” He told the police that he did not know where he had left his clothes, and also refused to give his name or date of birth.

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