Mandy Rose, whose real name is Amanda Saccomanno, was recently released from the World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. due to sensual photos of herself going viral, which violates the company’s contract.

Despite those photos being the reason she was let go from the WWE, she is still posing for the camera, and sharing those photos to social media as a way to promote her exclusive fan site.

During a recent workout, she decided to have some fun and dance during her squat workout, grabbing the attention of her followers.

Mandy Rose Sports Biker Shorts During Workout

Former WWE star Mandy Rose puts chest on display
Instagram | Mandy Rose

The former WWE star is staying in shape as she workouts almost every day. The 32-year-old shared a video of her glute workout, but she grabbed the attention of her fans by beginning the video by shaking her booty in tight biker shorts.

“Full body day using my @go.arena & @bellsofsteel 💪🏻💪🏻🍑🍑,” she captioned the video.

She went on to perform single-leg lunges and back curls, sharing her full workout routine including the number of reps for each workout.

Fans could not focus on the workout routine after the way the video started, as many took to the comments section to share “Keep shaking your 🍑” and “Mandy You are so Sexy miss you so much in WWE🔥.”

Another wrote, “The most beautiful of this wonderful day I am beautiful Mandy greetings beautiful lady.”

As one of her fans commented, “I love you Mandy and I miss you so much ❤️.”

WWE Fires Mandy Rose

Mandy Rose
Instagram | Mandy Rose

In December, World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. announced they released Mandy Rose from the company due to sensual photos of herself going viral. Those photos were of herself in the shower with her fiancé, Tino Sabbatelli, which can be looked at as R- or X-rated, and those began circulating the internet.

Mandy Rose is not the first star to engage in this type of content as a few years ago, then-CEO Vince McMahon banned WWE stars from working with Cameo, saying, “Some of you are engaged with outside third parties using your name and likeness in ways that are detrimental to our company,” per the New York Post. “It is imperative that these activities be terminated within the next 30 days (by Friday, October 2, 2020). Continued violations will result in fines, suspension, or termination at WWE’s discretion.”

Mandy Rose Addresses Being Fired From WWE

Mandy Rose strips it down
Instagram | Mandy Rose

Following her release from the WWE, Mandy Rose appeared on “Tamron Hall” where she addressed the news, saying, “Losing the title was obviously a gut punch. I was so disappointed.”

She explained, “But at the end of the day my purpose was gone and that’s where I felt lost and confused, because of all the hard work that I put into it. Driving home from that, there’s a lot of things going through my mind. But at the end of the day, like I said, I love what I’ve done in WWE and I love the platform it presented me with. So I am forever grateful to them.”

At this time, there is no word on if WWE will bring Mandy Rose back, but fans are still hopeful for her return one day.

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