Meghan Markle Never Wants to Set Foot in the U.K. Again, New Book ‘Endgame’ Claims


Several times this year, Prince Harry has visited the U.K.

However, whether it has been for his father’s coronation, the anniversary of the queen’s death or just a quick stop off for a spot of light legal action, one common factor unites all the trips—he has been without his wife, Meghan Markle.

Now, Google Translate permitting, we know why. In an excerpt of the new Omid Scobie book, Endgame, published in French magazine Paris Match, the magazine says that, according to Scobie, Meghan “never wants to set foot again in this England where she never felt at home.”

Scobie is quoted as saying she is unwilling “to dive back into the soap opera” by ever returning to the U.K.

And while Harry is reportedly keen to re-establish relations with his birth family—he is said by Scobie to have told friends: “I’m ready to forget. Get an apology or explanation? At this point, who cares, right?”—his father the king seems less amenable.

According to a translation of the Paris Match article circulating on Reddit, Charles ignored a request from Harry to meet up when he was in London for legal action against the British tabloids in March.

Scobie took to social media to urge people to be cautious about what translations said was in his book, which is published on Tuesday.

The Daily Beast has requested comment from Scobie.

Charles ordered “an aide to get rid of [Harry] with the excuse that he was ‘overworked,’” according to the translation.

Scobie reportedly writes that Harry has not managed to find common ground with his family, and has accepted the idea that will perhaps never change, especially with his brother who “flatly refuses to speak to him.”

Scobie also has detail on the Sussex eviction from Frogmore Cottage, their Windsor home, saying that Harry appealed to his father not to throw them out of the property, saying: “Don’t you want to see your grandchildren anymore?”

He adds that Princess Anne urged Charles to make the move kicking them off the royal estate.

Scobie apparently says that although Harry and Meghan sent Christmas gifts to William and Kate’s children they didn’t receive even a text message in response.

Scobie is quoted citing a source saying of Kate Middleton: “She spent more time talking about Meghan than with Meghan…every time she hears about Meghan, Kate shudders and giggles.”

Intriguingly, Scobie allegedly writes that it was William, who, behind the scenes, pushed hardest for Andrew to be kicked out of the royal family following the Epstein scandal.

Scobie reportedly says that it was William who convinced his grandmother to take action against her “favourite son” and adds that Charles was concerned “for Andrew’s mental health.”

Per the translation, Scobie says Charles acts with his head and his heart, but, “William is colder. He wants the job done, and he has no problem with casualties along the way.”

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