CHICAGO (WLS) — As 17-year-old Hannah Spann put on her cap and gown, her family beamed at her side as she got ready to graduate from Merrillville High School.

The milestone is monumental in more ways than one. At one point in Hannah’s life, doctors didn’t believe she would be alive today.

“She’s always been a fighter. She was a fighter from the moment the accident happened back in 2007,” said Melissa Williams, Hannah’s mother.

At that time, Hannah, just 2 years old, was critically injured after a 36-inch television and dresser fell on the then-toddler. Melissa still remembers that day vividly.

“I picked her up off the floor. Her head was basically dangling over my arm. She wasn’t breathing,” Melissa said.

Hannah had suffered a fracture to her skull and vertebrae and had a blood clot in her brain.

“There were so many things wrong. They were just like, ‘We’ve never seen anyone come in here like this alive,’ so they didn’t really know what to do” Melissa said.

But, Hannah’s family did.

“We were all by her bedside every moment,” Melissa said. “We didn’t sleep. We didn’t eat. We just prayed.”

And, then Hannah did something no one expected: she lived.

“Because of the grace of God, and the family and all the prayers from our family get together at that moment, she’s here today,” Melissa said.

She has persevered despite the odds, including re-learning how to walk and tragically losing her two older brothers who helped save her life.

Now, her family is rejoicing in the journey that will soon have her walking across Merrillville High School stage.

“From that moment, she never gave up. She wants to learn. She wants to be strong,” Melissa said.

Hannah recalled the words her mother always told her.

“You can do anything,” Hannah said. “I can do anything.”

Post source: Abc7chicago

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