Nicki Minaj Fans Create AI-Generated ‘Gag City’


While the world grapples with the threat AI poses to humanity, Nicki Minaj’s fans are using it to create a fictionalized neon-pink kingdom. Called Gag City, the AI metropolis is inspired by the cover art of Minaj’s upcoming studio album Pink Friday 2, which features the rapper standing, appearing to be on her way to a bright-colored city. Pink Friday 2, out Dec. 8, marks Minaj’s first album in five years, with the exception of the re-release of her debut mixtape Beam Me Up Scotty. AI-generated photos of Gag City started circulating on Dec. 6 on X, as social media users shared renderings of different celebrities entering the city, businesses cleverly named after Minaj’s songs, and even some historical events.

Gag City is a fluorescent paradise dedicated to the art of gaggery. The term “to gag” has its roots in the LGBTQ+ community and comes from the idea of being so blown away that you’re “gagged.” In Gag City, Minaj’s fans can share their excitement for the new album. According to KnowYourMeme, the origins of the trend are difficult to pin on one person, but one of the earliest uses of the term “gag city” came from a Minaj stan account in January 2022 and continued to be used throughout last year and this year.

“Gag city” met AI on Dec. 1, according to KnowYourMeme, when a different Minaj stan account on X uploaded an AI-generated photo of a fuchsia-tinted airplane with the words “gag city” on it flying over a similarly-hued city. This was one of the many memes that ignited the current trend, leading fans’ imaginations to run wild.

By Dec. 7, X was flooded with fake photos of celebrities making their way into Gag City. One person uploaded an AI photo of YouTuber Trisha Paytas, known for her love of the color pink and drama, and she responded: “Is this AI or am I there?” 

Celebrities like Ariana Grande, Michael Jackson, and Lana Del Rey were all granted access to Gag City and Minaj’s fandom, the Barbz, marked their arrivals in style.

Fictional characters like TikToker @psyiconic’s character Terri Joe, Game of Thrones’s Daenarys Targaryen, and Peppa Pig were also admitted.

There is a system in place when seeking entry into Gag City, according to the Barbz. One post says that “all those attempting to enter gag city must have a valid queencard or risk being turned away and deported immediately.”

The citizens of Gag City have a wealth of establishments to spend their hard-earned money at with brands also making their way into the city. Converse, Urban Decay, and Spotify already have their own offices in the ever-expanding metropolis. 

Minaj is obviously the leader of Gag City and she already comes with lore. According to some of the AI-generated images, Minaj was elected by Gag City’s citizens to be president—meaning there is a democratic system in place. Users shared an image of Minaj delivering her “I Had a Gag” speech that was said to have inspired the citizens ahead of her new album release on Friday. Not only is she a fearless leader, one AI image suggests that she is willing to give back to the community by providing “free copies of her CD to the poor on the outskirts of Gag City.”

Minaj seems to be in on the joke, posting a video to her Instagram with a message for the citizens of Gag City as a snippet of a new song plays. The alert warns them to “prepare for impact” as Pink Friday 2 makes its way to their civilization.

And on Thursday evening, Minaj teased that the album’s tracklist would soon come to Gag City.

Post source: The List

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