Nigerians have condemned the Nigerian government for arresting the convener of #RevolutionNow, Comrade Omoyele Sowore, and demanded his immediate release from the custody of the Nigeria Police.

Sowore, a rights activist, was arrested on Friday in Abuja, the nation’s capital, by Nigerian security forces alongside other activists as they were carrying out a peaceful procession to mark the New Year.

Eyewitnesses confirm policemen suspected to belong to Rapid Response Squad went to Gudu junction in Abuja, wounded Sowore and took him away with other activists at the location.

Nigerians have however taken to social media to berate the action of the government against the Amnesty International designated prisoner of conscience was berated.

For instance, on Twitter, Nigerians demanded his immediate release, adding that he must not be injured.  

Festus Afofun wrote, “So @PoliceNG can arrest Sowore but can’t arrest armed bandits. They can’t arrest Boko Haram. Is Sowore the problem of Nigeria? Why are they afraid of @YeleSowore? #FreeSoworeNow.”

“Let @MBuhari face the security challenges in his country and leave Sowore alone,” Ade Anike (@a_doy24) tweeted.

Jenny B. (@JennyB15040691) said, “This government of @MBuhari, what are you guys up to this time? Senseless government, #FreeSowore because he didn’t commit any crime.”

E Dust IG (@iam_edust @EDust15) responded, “I hear @YeleSowore just got arrested again in Abuja! Nothing must happen to Mr. Sowore – this government clearly has nothing against him, that’s why they couldn’t prove it in court and decided to kidnap (him) overnight.”

“What law did Sowore break?” Jeje of Lagos (@jejeoflagos) demanded. “In Nigeria people get oppressed and they blame the oppressed.”

Olaitan Lawal (@talktalk2lawali) tweeted, “Major General Buhari should release Sowore. Problems plenty that you can fight, not Sowore.”

D PUMPING (@dannybobo2001 replied, “Who will start 2021 listening to rubbish a failed president and a disaster has to say? Go release all human rights detainees, including Sowore who was arrested.”

“In the early hour of 01/01/2021, Sowore was arrested, brutalised, injured and detained,” #endsars#moyinisfree @MoyinoluwaVict4 tweeted.

“Free Sowore, Nigerian government,” Joe Bassey (@Joe_Bassey) also wrote.

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